Feeling of Love

February is the most romantic month of the year! Love is in the air, driving away cold weather. That’s why we’ve decided to ask our ladies what love is for them!
Today read the answer from charming Anastasiya!

In my opinion, love is the feeling that is able to change person and his attitude to everything in the whole world, to change values, priorities, outlook at life, to itself and, even more so to soulmate. Love is some need, need in soulmate, in his heart and mind, in his presence. Sometimes love can inspire on the heroic acts indeed. You can’t love ”for something”.

You can respect, value or take care of someone for something, but not love. Love is the thing that happens against the human laws, that is irrational and has no logic. In my view, the rightest words for true love are “no matter what”. You can’t plan your love, can’t get to fall in love, because you just want it. It is said for reason that love comes unexpectedly and usually unplanned for both. Do you agree with me?
Love is the purest and the most honest feeling you will have in your life. It appears from nowhere and you fall in love without any reason. Every negative details of the soulmate’s character become positive. We accept the person as he is. Every positive feature feels much stronger. Love for someone will never disappear. It can only change its form and demonstration.
Personally for me there are some components of true love that describes all your feelings and desires. Love is sincerity, faith, honestly, happiness, support and understanding. All those components will help to save your love without fail.
Love is amazing feeling! Love is our life. If you know how to love, so, you are happy. And people that are not able and don’t want to love are steel-hearted, distant and not interesting. Love as much as you can, with all your heart. Love, paint your life in bright colors! More than once it saved and saves a lot of hearts! Love is eternal, continued, and the most importing feeling for every person.
Here is my favorite verse about love:
“What is love? I can’t explain it.
What is love? It’s easy and difficult,
It’s bitter and tears, dreams and saying goodbye,
It’s tender meeting and sweet pain.
What is love? I can’t explain it.
To understand it, you need just love!”
Here is the truth. We can only feel it, dip into the wonderful emotions and enjoy it.
Love is the human’s striving to be with another person. It exists, do not doubt it! Love is the highest gift of mankind. All ages and all nations are able to love, but not every person succeeds to know true higher love in his life. It is impossible to plan love, to guess when it will come. Love is directly connected with physiological processes of our body, causing chemical reactions in the brain cortex. Whether love can be incredibly amazing or heartless terrible.
Have you ever felt that???? Love each other, experience this higher feeling and don’t let your heart forget what love is!
Give your love to others! Love and be loved!