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New Beautiful Sexy Ladies of the Week: Be Ready to Love

Love at Distance is not easy thing. But you never know where you can find your Destiny. Just try your Luck and and you will see the result. Step2Love will help you with that. Every Week the amount of our Beautiful Sexy Ladies increases! Meet our New Fantastic Girls! They are waiting for You! » Read more..

Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 11 June-17 June

The strongest relations can have misunderstanding or you just throw doubt upon everything that say to you and do. You need to stop rushing events and to be able to sort out yourself foremost. Don’t be dishonest, and if you don’t like anything, you need to end everything by yourself. This week is not easy and emotional.
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How to tell someone you love them in different languages?

Woman loves with her ears, and she loves to hear not only compliments, but also those sacramental words “I love you”. They sound more appealing, enchanting and alluring in another languages. Maybe that is one of the reasons why women are attracted to foreign men. Because foreign language sounds more exotic and unconventional.

If you are ready to tell your woman these marvelous words, imagine how surprised she would become hearing these words in her native language? Firstly, she will be honored that you are interested in her national language and secondly, if you say Ukrainian words with your foreign accent you will notice how fast her heart melts.
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Hot Selfies

There is no secret that women like to be photographed. Selfie woman is a special category and, definitely, the most interesting. She is always ready to go anywhere and to do everything, because she is already dressed and have a make-up. She also likes to be household. No wonder, in any time she can make a photo of herself and her man. There are a lot of such ladies on Step2love.

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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 2 April-8 April

If you were in love long ago, it’s time to think about it seriously. Though April Fool’s Day is soon, you need to be in a mood to the real relationships. Fire signs are brave and relaxed. Water signs have to adapt to situation. Air sings show wonderful care of everyone around. Earth signs are not very lucky, but they don’t lose their hope.
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Hot Shape Beauties Contest: Congratulate the Winners!


Perfect shape, Good Mood and Natural Beauty- the main motto of our Hot Shape Beauties Contest on Step2Love.
For several weeks you chose the most charming and attractive Fitness Girl.
The time has come, the winners are named!
Greet our Hottest Fitness Cuties!
They are waiting for you in Gym;))


New Year is coming: Have you already dressed up the Christmas tree?

The New Year is getting closer and closer. Preparation for the holiday is in full swing! Our Beautiful Bexy Ladies have already dressed up the Christmas trees. And they will gladly share with you their wonderful work;)
Meet our Lovely Girls on Step2Love!

Kristina 27 years old Ukraine Donetsk

Kristina 27 years old Ukraine Donetsk

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Merry Christmas: Happiness is coming!

On December 25, candles and lights are lit up everywhere. Christmas has come, it’s time for magic. On this wonderful, winter night, Step2Love wants to wish you happiness, new emotions, interesting and pleasant interlocutors and discoveries. Let this year be special, incredible, sensual and unforgettable for you. We wish you all the best, bright and amazing! Merry Christmas, with a new fairy tale and with a new life! » Read more..

19th of December – St. Nicholas day

In Ukraine, December 19, celebrate St. Nicholas Day – the patron saint of children.

Step2Love decided to recall what traditions and history of this holiday.

Nikolai is known for his good deeds and service to God. This is one of the first saints who popularized charity.
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Good December morning: Are you ready for the Christmas?

Half of December has passed and New Year is closer and closer. Pre-holiday fuss, first snow, tea and warm embrace-these are the main signs of December. And this month opens the door to this magical world of the atmosphere of holiday, fairy tales and coziness.

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