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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for March, 20-27th

Weekly LOVE Horoscope for March, 20-27th

Step2Love presents the fresh and interesting love horoscope for you!
Read and find out what kind of prognoses do stars make for you on this week!
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Trust in Relationship: a Psychologist’s Advice

Trust in Relationship: a Psychologist's Advice

Trust is the Foundation of any relationship. We open to another person: we share with him our secrets and desires, our personal stories.We hope that this trust will be justified.
Today we will find answers to questions about trust in relationships.
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Matryoshka Hand Making by Adorable woman

Inna ID: (179340)

Inna ID:(179340)
Ukraine, Kremenchug
Age: 44 years old
Star sign: Libra

Hi, this stunning woman Irina will show you how to design Matryoshka doll. Immerse into the tradition of Slavic women and find out a lot of interesting stuff.

Amazing Ukrainian Lady Cooking Vareniki

Irina ID:(134016)
Ukraine, Zhytomyr
Age: 28 years old
Star sign: Cancer

Do you know how to cook Ukrainian traditional dish Vareniki? This beauty will tell you and show her culinary skills. So you like Irina? So get in touch with her on Step2Love!

Traditional Ukrainian Clothes for Women. Ivan Kupala Night

Alina ID:(201919)

Alina ID:(201919)
Ukraine, Poltava
Age: 21 years old
Star sign: Capricorn

Alina will show you the traditional Ukrainian clothes and tell about the wonderful holiday of Ivan Kupala. This is a nice holiday when young ladies are looking for their second halves.
On that day people wore girths of flowers and wreaths of herbs. They reeled, sang songs, stoked bonfires with poles topped by burning wheel, the symbol of the sun. And even now this holiday is celebrated In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Cooking the Traditional Ukrainian Dish – Borsch

Anastasiya ID:(183499)

Anastasiya ID:(183499)
Ukraine, Kremenchug
Age: 21 years old
Star sign: Leo

Stunning lady Anastasiya will show you how to cook the traditional Ukrainian dish – borsch. Every Ukrainian lady knows how to cook well and make her man happy. Want to taste it? So get in touch with amazing Anastasiya, maybe she will become your special lady.

Slavic Traditional Holiday Maslenitsa and Other Ukrainian Traditions

This week is celebrated Maslenitsa — Slavic traditional holiday that is celebrated before the Great Lent.
Maslenitsa rituals are very unusual and interesting because they combine the completion period of the winter holiday rituals and the opening of a new, spring season holidays and ceremonies that are to facilitate obtaining a rich harvest.

In the next blog articles of we’ll tell you about a variety of Ukrainian traditions.

Meet wonderful Marina, the beauty that will show you another great Ukrainian tradition – towels embroidering.

Marina ID:(123957)
Ukraine, Kremenchug
Age: 23 years old
Star sign: Pisces

Top 7 gifts for your lady on Valentine’s Day

Top 7 gifts for your lady on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic holiday all over the world, it allows you to express your feelings to your beloved one. So what is the best way to show your emotions and care ? Of course it can be a present for your woman. And now is eternal question : “What gift will be the most perfect for her?”
Before you begin to choose the gift to a woman, it is necessary to understand that the time you spend together is already the gift for both of you. So forget about your daily vanity, at least, for one day and spend this romantic holiday with your lady in chat.
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