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Traditions of celebration of Mother’s Day 2017

Traditions of celebration of Mother's Day 2017

It is very interesting to know when and how the Mother’s Day 2017 will be celebrated. It should be noted immediately that for Slavs this holiday date is quite a significant event of the year. On this day, all Slavic mothers hear affable, affectionate and sincere words. Even those children who are embarrassed to tell a dear person how he is loved and is precious on ordinary days, this day they utter coveted words, evoking a touch of tenderness and tender spiritual feelings for women. » Read more..

TOP 5 places to go in Zaporozhye

TOP 5 places to go in Zaporozhye

Very cozy restaurant with several rooms, decorated in Italian style. It is alwayas pleasant, fast, attentive service. Excellent cuisine, the menu often changes and it is really great that the restaurant is always improved. Pizza is one of the best in town. And don’t forget to try black pasta with seafood- it’s more then delicious. The restaurant is in great demand, the table is better booked in advance.
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TOP 5 places to go in Cherkassy


1.Yoshi Fujiwara Restaurant
If you still could not understand if you like Japanese cuisine, then you need to come here. Here everything is sustained in Japanese traditions, because the owner and chef is from Japan. Any dish will not leave you indifferent. Roles and sushi are the most delicious, the difference is that it is preparedimmediately and from the freshest ingredients. Pleasant and quiet music, cozy atmosphere, high-quality and fast service, the attendants are well-informed and can recommend you a dish that you will be satisfied with 100%.
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Lady of the Week Anna ID:177053

Anna ID:177053

Hi guys!!! I hope everything is well up there with you and my life story will not bother you at all and will even get your interest. Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna. I was born on the 1st of January 1989 in Ukraine, Zaporozhye. I’m 28 years old. Working as fitness instructor and administrator. Nevertheless, there are not only work in my life. In my free time I meet with my friends, sister. We usually go to the cinema or to some café and chat over a cup of coffee or tea or spend time active. Moreover, I like to sing and listen to music or dance. Dancing to my favorite beats, I relax. Dance helps me to express my feelings and emotions as well as singing. So, I have a very diverse and interesting life.
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Celebration of Easter in Slavic countries

Celebration of Easter in Slavic countries

One of the few holidays that are celebrated by most people is Easter. Along with the New year and Happy Birthday Easter is celebrated by almost everybody. Bright Sunday is always celebrated in the spring, the date is calculated according to the lunar calendar and depends on the Great Post. This holiday exists for many hundreds of years, but still preserved traditions and customs.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for March, 20-27th

Weekly LOVE Horoscope for March, 20-27th

Step2Love presents the fresh and interesting love horoscope for you!
Read and find out what kind of prognoses do stars make for you on this week!
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Trust in Relationship: a Psychologist’s Advice

Trust in Relationship: a Psychologist's Advice

Trust is the Foundation of any relationship. We open to another person: we share with him our secrets and desires, our personal stories.We hope that this trust will be justified.
Today we will find answers to questions about trust in relationships.
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Matryoshka Hand Making by Adorable woman

Inna ID: (179340)

Inna ID:(179340)
Ukraine, Kremenchug
Age: 44 years old
Star sign: Libra

Hi, this stunning woman Irina will show you how to design Matryoshka doll. Immerse into the tradition of Slavic women and find out a lot of interesting stuff.

Amazing Ukrainian Lady Cooking Vareniki

Irina ID:(134016)
Ukraine, Zhytomyr
Age: 28 years old
Star sign: Cancer

Do you know how to cook Ukrainian traditional dish Vareniki? This beauty will tell you and show her culinary skills. So you like Irina? So get in touch with her on Step2Love!

Traditional Ukrainian Clothes for Women. Ivan Kupala Night

Alina ID:(201919)

Alina ID:(201919)
Ukraine, Poltava
Age: 21 years old
Star sign: Capricorn

Alina will show you the traditional Ukrainian clothes and tell about the wonderful holiday of Ivan Kupala. This is a nice holiday when young ladies are looking for their second halves.
On that day people wore girths of flowers and wreaths of herbs. They reeled, sang songs, stoked bonfires with poles topped by burning wheel, the symbol of the sun. And even now this holiday is celebrated In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.