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Special Lady this Week – Anna

Anna 22 years old Ukraine Mariupol


Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 22 years old

Star sign: Leo

Photo Album: 14 photo

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Haven’t You Noticed that You Are in Love?

Haven't You Noticed that You Are in Love?

Winter is all around you, and beautiful snowflakes lye down on earth and houses. Everything seems to look so charming and dreamy. Don’t you feel it? Its love coming up to you and filling in your heart! And who is the source of this deep feeling? Of course a beautiful lady form Step2Love who just once winked you at the camera in chat, and now you are ready to do everything for her! And do you know the first signs of love which everyone feels? » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Anna

Anna 19 years old Ukraine Uman'


Ukraine, Uman’

Age: 19 years old

Star sign: Pisces

Photo Album: 13 photo

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What Will New Relationship Bring You

What Will New Relationship Bring You

Starting new relationship with Step2Love is so thrilling! Who knows what will happen when you finally choose the lady who catches your eye and whom you would like to see in video chat every single day! But everything new brings something additional to your life, and so does relationship. What can you expect from this magical happening? » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Nataliya

Nataliya 28 years old Ukraine Kremenchug


Ukraine, Kremenchug

Age: 28 years old

Star sign: Cancer

Photo Album: 9 photo

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Our Hobbies or how to spend free time with benefit

The rest time can be different depending on personal interests and character features, the only thing that matters – it should not be useless. So the answer is Hobby! Here we have a list of things that can diversify your life and time spending!

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Traveling Together

Traveling Together

Relations have lots of different aspects. Apart from common meetings and dates and future living together, sometimes extraordinary things may happen to you. For example, you can decide to go to vacation with your lady yo another country! This even will not only help you to have a rest but also to find out more about your beloved woman as a travel opens various facets of the personality. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Anastasiya

Anastasiya 25 years old Ukraine Nikolaev


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 25 years old

Star sign: Cancer

Photo Album: 9 photo

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3 Questions about love and life. Part 3.

Hello dear Readers! Now we present to your attention the third final part of our survey between men of our web-site. We want to talk about very important things nowadays. As you know we live in difficult times and not all people all over the world are happy and prosperous. But I think each of us could be more kind and compassionate and try to make this life easier and to help people who are suffering. So if we will think what we can change on this Earth and how we can influence in society we could solve a lot of serious problems. Of course we can’t make all our dreams come true and to create an ideal world, but if every person try to make even one good thing per day, help others and to change something bad in himself the world will be much more positive and brighter! So lets start! – If you could change anything in this world what would you do and why? » Read more..

Ready for Marriage?

Sooner or later every loving couple becomes a family through getting married. Yet, there are someone who thinks that nowadays marriage almost means nothing and may be avoided, as this is just an official procedure. Actually, there are many reasons “for” marriage. » Read more..