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Cute “couple’s traditions” on Thanksgiving Day!

Anna 25 years old Ukraine Krivoy Rog (id: 134866)

Do you know that November 28th is a very special day?
The fourth Thursday of November every year is a traditionally Day when we say what we are grateful for! It’s a great tradition not only for Americans but also, for many people around the world. Why? Maybe because to be grateful and thankful for – is just a common thing which makes people feel better no matter what part of Planet they live at!
Traditionally, this day families unite around the festive table and pray to thank Lord of life, beautiful moments and experience. We share great mood, exchange little gifts and show our love to those who make our life better and brighter. Cause this is the way when it’s very important to speak out loud! Thanksgiving is a Wonderful time when amazing season of holidays is marked to be started!
Although Thanksgiving is a time to be spend family, and generally the bigger the better, it can become very important day for couples also! Premier Dating Site Step2love joins the “relay race” of the holiday spirit and shares with you today some little traditions which could become very YOURS if you would decide to add a romantic hint to this Day. Also, you might find some of these traditions very philosophical and deep, which is great because their main goal – to unite YOU two as a couple! You know that most of perfect relations start on holidays? Well this is true!
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Is there any dating after divorce?

Tatyana 28 years old Ukraine Nikolaev (id: 232460)

Every single Fairy tale ends with the words “And they lived happily ever after”
What makes us believe that marriage is long lasting form of relationships and that every girl would find her Prince Charming and every boy would be luckily find his the only One Princess!
However, Divorce Statistics for 2019-2019 proves that almost 50% of marriages end with divorce or separation. Means, that theory about “happily ever after” doesn’t work any longer. And this makes the other statistics grow so quickly: the rate of divorced people swiftly raised up on dating services all around the world. And these are great news for those who were thinking that Divorce is the end of dating and happy life. Many people, who is going through this tuff period in their life, are getting low batteries, lack of trust about relationships, no wish to move forward at all.
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