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Cherkasy Oblast’s best cities: Cherkasy and Uman!


Ukraine is a very big country, and just like the US the country is divided into parts, just like states in the United States, in Ukraine they have oblasts. The 24 oblasts and Crimea are subdivided into 490 districts and city municipalities of regional significance, or second-level administrative units. And we are not just another dating website, we are here for you to find a girlfriend and for you to create strong relatioships!
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Mykolaiv — City of Brides!


Traveling is hard and scary, but also exciting and thrilling! You never know where you want to go, when you are going to a place you have never been too! You might google places, but you will never know for sure, if they are nice and safe! That is why we want to help you find perfect places to stay, while you are visiting or just traveling to Ukrainian city — Mykolaiv.
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Top new ladies on the website!


We are growing everyday and each day there are new additions to our clientbase.
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TOP5 ladies of the January!


The second month of the year has started! And we hope a lot of lovebirds have found each other in January!
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Do we CHEAT when we multiple CHATs?

cheat or chat

Who doesn’t want to have exclusive relations? Certainly, there are such people. But there are so few of them. Majority of adults dream of finding a soulmate, a true partner and companion for their life stories. Romantic search often convinces us to use all possible ways of finding LOVE. In the technology era, online dating sites become the main ways for love-search. However, the exclusivity we seek could disappoint us pretty much when we speak about online dating. We can’t control the number of people others speak to. And what the most tricky and complicated, we shouldn’t even try doing this!
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What is the best time to fall in love?


People say that falling in love is no-listening-reasons-condition. And probably, if you ever been in love, you know what we are talking about. When your head-over-heels and you feel that you can rock this world, conquer it, be better version of yourself and do crazy things calling them MATURE – you are in LOVE!
Premier dating site Step2love has lots of evidences for you to prove that falling in love is the best time in your life. But also, we would like to make a little scientifically research about the best ages for falling in love for the FIRST TIME! Are you ready to dig deep with us?

1. Age category number one: 15-18

We figured out that about 55% of people fall in love for the first time between the ages of 15 and 18. Means, that first love is the time of your college ages, first crazy experiences and free teen spirit! Do you remember your first love, was it crazy? Was is intense and promised you “forever love”?

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Our member John has met his love in person! Video review

We are glad to share with you video review about real meeting from our happy member John. He has met his wonderful lady Anna in real life and wants to share his exciting experience with others.
Step2Love is doing all its best to connect romantic hearts even trough distance of thousands miles! Break the boundaries on the way to your happiness with Step2Love.

My honest answers to following 3 questions given to me

1. Why did you choose the way to find your second half through internet and could you describe your dream lady ( may be her appearance, treats of character?) With internet dating at least you know all the ladies you finds on the site are single and are here for the same purpose like you to search for true love and a life partner.
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Simple Truth of LIFE and Love for 98 percent of USA men

I can relate to heart felt responses of men in the USA when to experience Women from the former USSR. Here most men at any age never spend any time in these former USSR countries. And if so lucky to do so, they certainly do not at first understand the culture. The only reason I learned after many years was truly by chance or luck. I worked for the US Army in Europe during the so called “Cold War” from 1978 until 1989 when the Berlin wall came down. And later after many years of NATO related work returned to Ukraine on my own to learn more.
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How to meet Russian Bride?


My experience in Ukraine was awesome and very unusual. I was for the first time so far away from home! It’s inexpressible sensation when you get into another country with a different mentality and thousands of beautiful girls! I wonder whether they eat something special for breakfast that makes girls more beautiful or maybe it’s another air in Ukraine?
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