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Camping and River Rafting in Ukraine

Camping and River Rafting in Ukraine

Do you like camping holiday? Plain life in the nature’s lap, calm sleeping in a tent, swimming and walking, fishing and making barbecue at the riverbank, watching the sunsets with evening birdsong like a Nature’s lullaby and silent evening near the fire or singing guitar songs? This kind of rest prefer romantic people and most of the ladies at Step2Love like it too. » Read more..

How to become a man that many women dream of?


Even if you consider yourself a brutal alpha male, you need to be able to find a common language with women. We will tell you how to become a handsome prince, which many girls dream of. » Read more..

How to find a good wife?

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You are a successful man and the only thing that you are lacking is the woman of your dream, whom you want to make your wife for all your life! » Read more..

Common gifts that will make every girl happy


What is more important for women – gifts or love and attention? We offer to you not to separate, but to combine these concepts because a well-thought-out gift is a perfect demonstration of care! » Read more..

Who is ‘a real man’?


Most women have their own idea of a real man. Consider the most common qualities that they want to see in their chosen one. » Read more..