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All That Jazz… or How to Pick up a Lady at a Concert

Hello to everyone who is fond of jazz music! Today we celebrate International Jazz Day, and it’s a good way for jazz lovers to promote jazz culture around the world. Various flash mobs, concerts, musical events usually take place today, on the last day of April. Celebrated annually since 2011, International Jazz Day has relatively quickly become extremely popular among people of all ages. Huge jazz fans can enjoy today different jam sessions, open-air concerts of jazz classic masterpieces and its modern arrangements. It’s a good way to find there like-minded individuals, fellow-thinkers or meet your sweetheart ever! What could be better than have a great time listening some of your favorite jazz golden hits? So how will you celebrate International Jazz Day? » Read more..

International Dance Day

or How to Pick Up a Girl in the Dance

Hello to everyone who reads us! Today the whole world celebrates a special date – International Dance Day. Also known as World Dance Day, it has been celebrated since 1982 to emphasize the art of dance, no matter would it Latin, jazz, ballet – classical or contemporary, street, ballroom or pole dancing.  Every year on April 29 millions of dancers celebrate their special day by dancing performances, open-air classes, parades, concerts, flash-mobs and a lot of various events. There you can enjoy the art of dance, this hidden poem of soul and language of perfect bodies – as Friedrich Nietzsche said, “We should consider every day lost on which we haven’t danced at least once”, and it is true! » Read more..

Having fun with beloved person

When you are in love with someone, you try to spend as much time together as possible. As a result, you finally find out that there are not too many activities left for trying, as you have already been everywhere around the city and have done all crazy stuff which has come to your heads. And you become to feel bored. Actually, such situation spoils your relationship, as if you can’t find any interesting activities now, what will happen when you get married and spend together, for example, 20 years? On the other hand, there are many things which you have probably not tried yet. » Read more..

Cohabitation before Marriage – Yes or No?

Old traditions claim that a couple can start living together only after marriage. Of course, this rule includes some another option which almost no one secures nowadays, but still the majority of people think that they should unite their houses only after official union of their hearts. But what if living together before this has really lots of positive sides? » Read more..

Be Active in Your Search!

If you are looking for a serious Ukrainian lady and long-lasting relationship, the first that you should take into account – be active in your search! Use as many means as you can to attract ladies’ attention at Step2Love and eventually you’ll definitely find among them your beloved one that will become your bride!

Are you interested in one of these beauties? Send her a kiss! » Read more..

Special Lady this Week


Ukraine, Uman
Age: 33 years old

1. What can make you smile, even when you are upset?) » Read more..

Dating Traditions Around the World

Nowadays, dating is something quite trivial and typical thing. Everyone dates and doesn’t think much about this fact. Besides, relations may last a few days, what is quite thoughtlessly, and no one thinks that this is strange, and still calls this relationship. Still, there are lots of countries which preserve traditions. Some of them may seem strange for us while others are very romantic.

For example, if you start dating in Japan, this usually means that you have really serious intentions. And you are not just serious to get to bed but serious enough for future marriage. » Read more..

Lover’s Day

Hello to all! Have you surprised after reading the title? In essence, you are right – Lover’s Day is supposed to be on February, 14, and everybody knows that. But the point is that today is a special day for loved ones and sweethearts, not so much-advertised (and commercialized as well), but no less romantic. Are you fond of reading Shakespeare’s romantic stories? L » Read more..

Mark and Olga


I have been alone for almost 10 years. My wife died when I was 40, and I was in a grief for long-long years. Suddenly I understood that I left completely alone. Of course, I have friends, but my children grew up and left my home… They have their own life and families, they come to see me on holidays, but still I come back in the evenings into empty house. I fell into depression and spent some time in it, until one of my friends advices me Step2Love. At first I didn’t want to go there and waste my time, but after a couple of days I saw that it was great! There are so many beautiful ladies here, so much communication which I lacked! And what is most important – I found my beautiful and tender Olga, Olya, Olechka! We talked for approximately a year on the site! We could spend hours in chat! Finally I decided to come to Ukraine and to see her – and I fell in love for the second time! And this was mutual! I took her with me to the USA and we got married! Now I feel like my second life started, and I am at last happy again, and my home is no longer empty and cold. Thank you, Step2Love!

How to Make Your Relations Longer and Stronger

Everyone who has relations try to make them last as long as possible, as people love to be happy, especially together. Unfortunately, sometimes they can come to the end when people don’t feel happy enough together. Of course, if you don’t do anything, you will achieve nothing. It’s like sitting on job reading books and demanding high salary. So, if you want to make your relations long  longer than a couple of months, you will have to work on them.

Routine is the first thing which makes couples break up. Usually, this happens when two people start living together. Household chores make you forget about romantic gestures and feelings to each other. So, the best advice is to remember about the feelings of your couple and always to find time to cheer her up and to be still interested in you. » Read more..