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We invite you to visit the pearl of Belaya Tserkov – Alexandria park .

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Landscape park “Alexandria” is located in the ancient city of Belaya Tserkov, along with a charming river Ros.

It is one of the largest parks in Ukraine and has a territory of 400 hectares.

The park was established over 200 years ago by the family of the landowner, Count Francis Xavier Branicki, as a matter of family pride. » Read more..

The survey says that Russian women like a good laugh

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What do women want? Not everybody knows the answer, sometimes even a woman doesn’t know what she really wants. It happens not because women are less intelligent than men or have problems with logic. It happens because every woman is unique and all she wants is to be happy. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week

Yuliya, 27years old, Ukraine


Ukraine, Nikopol

Age: 27 years old

Star sign: Pisces

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Lady looking for a Prince


For several decades in Ukraine kept stable demand on grooms from abroad. Where do our countrywomen search for their happiness and the most important, do they find it? There are at least 4 international dating agencies in Kremenchug city. The “Weekend” visited one of them to find out is it worth to believe in the fairy tale about foreign prince?
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Special Lady this Week

Olga, 19years old, Ukraine


Ukraine, Vinnitsa

Age: 19 years old

Star sign: Aquarius

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February 23 – The Defender of the Fatherland Day

The Defender of the Fatherland Day

February 23: get ready to have a lot of kisses from Slavic women in The Defender of the Fatherland Day
What is the best way to say our men that we are proud of them? To celebrate a holiday when every man can feel special! Slavic women like to lavish care and love to their beloved and to show him how they appreciate his strength and courage. That is why people in Ukraine and Russia celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day which used to be called the Day of the Soviet Army. » Read more..

Volunter party

Volunter party

On February 17, I was invited by one of my neighbors to be a volunteer on local Fire station, Sugarloaf Fire department . He told that they needed somebody to help them to fry fish for people who’s going to come to the party. They have this party once in year. It’s organized on big open place and takes a lot of preparations before. Fire volunteers install the tent and benches for people, stage for the musicians, big room for donated stuff which some people usually bring from their house and don’t need it anymore. But other people can buy all those things for fun money and happily enjoy with cheapest purchasing they’ve ever had… » Read more..

Meet your Valentina!


According to St. Valentine’s Day we are happy to let you meet stunning Russian ladies who’s name Valentina!
It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Valentina is “strong, healthy”. They are notable with kind heart and grace to help anytime. Isn’t it remarkable feature for the future wife? Valentina is very involved into her family, she is a woman who will always keep burning the fire.

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Meet the most beautiful ladies from Nikolaev in Shambala – Joy!

Meet the most beautiful ladies from Nikolaev in Shambala - Joy!

Personification of your incredible imagination.
Riot of colors, warm atmosphere and a high quality service undoubtedly would surprise and delight.

Be it in the most unexpected – your wish here to meet VIP level.

Cousin – perfect fantasy and skill of cook.

Will be pleased and picky foodie and
people with a love for ordinary home food.

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Special Lady this Week



Ukraine, Kherson

Age: 22 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

Photo Album: 6 photo

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