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Possessiveness in Your Relationship

Possessiveness in Your Relationship

As you probably discussed with your Ukrainian lady from Step2Love, strong relationship should be based on trust and responsibility. But sometimes your nature begins to prevail over your mind and it changes everything. Your lady increasingly notices that you accuse her of communication with other men. At the same time you may notice that you have become estranged in your relations. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Olesya

Olesya 26 years old Ukraine Nikolaev


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

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Nikolaev – the City of Brides

Nikolaev – the City of Brides

One of the cities at the South of Ukraine from ancient times was called as “the City of Brides”. Even nowadays the city of Nikolaev is famous in Ukraine and other countries by its beautiful women.

At the very beginning of the history of Nikolaev there was a wharf in this scenic place of confluence of two rivers, Southern Bug and Inhul. In those times Russian Empire was waging marine war with Turkey in Black Sea, so that the state needed a strong military fleet. That’s why favorite of Catherine II Grigory Potemkin issued a decree in 1788 to lay the foundation of a shipyard in the estuary of Southern Bug which called by name of Saint Nicholas, Nikolaev. » Read more..

Being a Gentleman for Your Lady

Being a Gentleman for Your Lady

Nowadays, many ladies moan that they can’t find a couple for themselves. On the other hand, when they do manage, they can complain that they are not too romantic and are not gentlemen at all. Unfortunately, all modern life and its speed took away possibilities of being truly attentive to women away from your home. In addition, some of them became completely feminist claiming that they can do everything without men’s help, so it is hard to define what she actually wants from you: to be gentleman or to let her be. As a result, spending time once with such a confident woman you may automatically start thinking that all other women are the same and there is no need acting like a gentleman with them, and your present will be quite enough. This is not true, so you will have to keep in mind how to me a gentleman for your woman. » Read more..

Preparing and Making Proposal

Preparing and Making Proposal

When you finally manage to meet a person you truly love, you would one day want to make some more serious step than just dating. Living together is surely great. However, official variant will unite your hearts for many many years, so you will have to make a proposal. This thrilling and sometimes scary step requires some preparations. It is too serious to do everything irresponsibly. » Read more..

The Most Important Personality Traits in Your Relationships

The Most Important Personality Traits in Your Relationships

Have you ever dreamed about your future Ukrainian wife and your future family? As a rule, we expect that the most difficult in relations is to take the first step and make your acquaintance. But in fact the most difficult is to build the strong relations based on Love, Trust and Mutual Understanding. This is an endless process and it means that you should continue it every day of your life together. » Read more..



Ukraine, Krivoy Rog

Age: 21 years old

Star sign: Leo

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Summer Dating


Dating in summer is the best time to know each other. First of all, ladies have much less clothes and you can have pleasant views of their natural forms and beauties. Secondly, the weather is usually fine and you have an opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy each other going wild or doing more things than you could in winter when it was cold or in autumn with its rains. Even the rain can become an entertainment in summer. Have you ever seen your lady in a wet t-shirt? That would really be a tempting view. So, how to make a nice summer date, where to go and what to do? » Read more..

Special Lady this Week



Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 20 years old

Star sign: Cancer

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3 Ways to Make It Up with Your Beloved Lady


Every couple runs into different conflicts from time to time and it is a normal way of development of the relationships. But to develop your relations also means to find a way to make it up with your beloved Slavic lady every time when you quarrel. If you will find a way to resolve a conflict, it will make you closer. Besides that, if you’ll know the reasons of your conflict, you’ll know how to avoid it the next time.  » Read more..