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3…2…1…the New Year is coming!

Hello to everyone here! The year of 2013 is almost coming to an end. It’s been an amazing year for all of us. The New Year of 2014 is just around the corner and thanks so much for coming today! Can you believe it? Well, how will you spend this New Year’s Eve? What do you like to do? We’re sure you have prepared delicious champagne and get ready to celebrate the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 as well. Have you just visited the New Year’s Parade in your city? Are you going to fire lots of fireworks at noon? You may attend or have a party in the house. No matter how you are going to do exactly, when the midnight comes, above all, we wish you to feel joy and happiness in your hearts. » Read more..

5 Ways to Have Unforgettable New Year Celebration!

Hello, everybody! Do you have festive mood? Are you ready to celebrate this New Year? To make this holiday memorable and full of joy, fun and pleasure?

Step2Love can offer you a few ways to make your celebration amazing and unforgettable! Are you ready? Let’s go! » Read more..

Things Russian Brides to Do in New Year

Hello to all and everyone! The whole planet is ready to celebrate the New Year of 2014 tomorrow. And there are some things to know about Russian’s celebration of this holiday. In fact, New Year is considered to be the most favorite holiday in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Russians and Ukrainians believe this holiday the most magical and wonderful in the year. » Read more..

Choosing a Present for a Lady

Christmas and New Year time means not only different home decorations and visiting relatives, but also purchasing really lots of presents. The most difficult task is to find something worthy for Your Ukrainian lady, as she may seem to already have everything. Yet, don’t give up too soon – and You will manage to impress her with Your gift! » Read more..

Winter in Ukraine. The Most Beautiful Places to See

Ukrainian winter is various and remarkably beautiful. It is quite mild and snowy, especially at the northern and western part of the country. Here are located the most beautiful places of winter Ukraine where you may spend your unforgettable holidays with your lovely Ukrainian lady! » Read more..

Cheering Up: Important and Useful in Relationship

Ukrainian girls are surely simply the best and the most beautiful in the whole world. They have wonderful and caring character. But no one is protected from being in bad mood. She may be bothered by problems on her work, or by some unpleasant situation which has happened between you, or simply by bad weather. Remember that she always supports You when something happens. So, if something happens to her, You will probably want to cheer up Your Slavic lady! » Read more..

Special Lady this Week


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 18 years old

Star sign: Taurus

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1. What are your thoughts about marriage, do you believe in it and have you ever wanted to be married? » Read more..

Happy Boxing Day!

Hello and Happy Boxing Day to everyone! We hope Santa was kind to you this year, and you are ready for a long-distance shopping run in honor of Boxing Day. Yes, today is Boxing Day, and we don’t know exactly now why it is called so. Generally, many people have even no idea of the real historical meaning of this name. This day falls on December 26 and has nothing to do with the sport of boxing, in contrast to popular conviction. However, this holiday is a perfect chance to get rid of bad presents you opened under your Christmas tree, lol. Above all – don’t throw off the boxes! » Read more..

The Christmas tree: What Kind of You Have Got?

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: 

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. 

Burton Hillis

Merry Christmas to everyone! Fill up your life with passion, love, peace and happiness! Special words for special people, you see. What does Santa put in your stocking? Hope it were useful things that would bring joy to you. How are you doing today? » Read more..

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is love in action.

Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

Dale Evans Rogers

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone who has visited us over the last period of time! Thanks so much to those of you who joined us. Christmas is here! » Read more..