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My general experience at step2love

Author: heinrich

I just wants to give some general feedback about my experience at step2love. I am really overwhelmed by so many beautiful girls in one country seeking for love abroad. By reading, so many free letters I start to realize that material things in life cannot replace the four letter English word called, love that all human are longing for. With out real love your life is empty and not complete. I was surprised to see so many beautiful girls are single and hungry for real love. Yes real love exist. If you don’t finds it in your country, but you will surely finds it outside your country. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Alisa



Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 32 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

Photo Album: 10 photo

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Special Lady this Week – Marina

Marina 26 years old Ukraine Pavlograd


Ukraine, Pavlograd

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Libra

Photo Album: 12 photo

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Our Love Story

It is impossible to express how grateful I am to your web-site. I could not even imagine that I will find my beloved lady, my Yulichka here. I realized that I was falling in love with every minute of communication with my Julia, with every warm tender letter from her…It is difficult to image, you can just feel it, how one special person, your perfect match could support you and give all her soul to you despite the miles, counties and continents. » Read more..

Showing Tender Affection in Public

Showing Tender Affection in Public

Affection may avalanche your emotions and when your beloved person is near, you may want to show your love to her no matter who and what is near you and is going on. However, sometimes people may react negatively on your showing of affection in public, so if you care about them (though people in love usually don’t but what if you are near a lonely person and feel that you may hurt his or her feelings?) there are lots of way to show your emotions secretly, so that no one will notice them but your beloved person. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Inna

Inna 25 years old Ukraine Kherson


Ukraine, Kherson

Age: 25 years old

Star sign: Sagittarius

Photo Album: 14 photo

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Special Lady this Week – Veronika

Veronika 21 years old Ukraine Mariupol


Ukraine, Mariupol

Age: 21 years old

Star sign: Libra

Photo Album: 15 photo

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The Pearl of Ukrainian Podillia: Vinnytsia

The Pearl of Ukrainian Podillia: Vinnytsia

There is an outstanding city among beautiful ones in Ukraine. This one was founded more than 650 years ago and nowadays is one of the most attractive Ukrainian cities. This clean and comfortable, green and scenic place is called “the pearl of Podillia”. Welcome to city of Vinnytsia, one of the pleasant tourist centers in Ukraine. » Read more..

Sexy Ukrainian Ladies


I have joined this site to find myself a beautiful caring sensual lady from Ukraine , my wife I would like her to be elegant and beautiful , A lady who likes adventure and is not scare to try to ideas. I have seen lots of beautiful ladies on this site , and in there letters they are very open and sincere in what they want . » Read more..

New to Site but Old Veteran to Online Dating

Jacques Fournier(125622)

New to Site but Old Veteran to Online Dating

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for reading my blog. I am new to this site but have had a great deal of experience with other sites. While I am on this site I would like to give some helpful hints and suggestions to both the ladies and gentlemen. I will try to keep my blogs short. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time reading. So for this blog a small suggestion to the ladies. Have some patience for the men. We receive so many letters and requests to chat that we don’t know where to start. I personally still have 182 messages to read. » Read more..