Having the First Date

To begin with, the first date is a completely normal process, and the first thing you need to do is to calm down and relax. You do not have to choose for two hours which shirt to wear, do not invent what flowers to give, how and what you will say. Understand, if the lady goes on a date, then she is already interested in you, so relax.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 24-30 of July

Not the best time for the fruitful development of personal relationships, and the men understand that now they need to appreciate very much what they have and do not strive for something new. The Fire signs remember with regret the missed opportunities and are busy analyzing where they could make a mistake. Water signs are sentimental and have a warmth attitude to their beloved ladies. Patience is not always enough for Air signs and they are pursued by small quarrels. Earth signs try not to believe the promises that they are given, they are wary of any prospects in the relationships.
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5 Male Mistakes in the Relationship

Your beloved chewed up her cheeks, and you wonder why this could be coherent? What can seem to you to be a mere trifle, for your lady will be a matter of life and death. But don’t you want to bring your beloved to the state of neurosis? It’s time to learn the five main mistakes that men make.
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Cherkassy (Part2)

1. Light-Musical Fountain in Cherkassy

Today the light-musical fountain in the center of Cherkassy is one of the most cozy and memorable places in the city. There sounds nice classical music, and the fountain shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. A beautiful relaxing picture, it is very difficult to tear your eyes away from it! Light-musical fountain brings practical benefit: coins, which are thrown into the water by spectators, are collected by employees of a special utility company serving the fountain. Already managed to gather money for several accordions for the local music school.
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Fantastic Arabic party on Step2Love: feel yourself like a Sultan in embrace of Scheherazade

Only this weekend Step2Love provides a unique opportunity to travel to the fascinating world of the Arabic fairy tale. Feel yourself like a hero of the stories of mysterious Scheherazade. Bright costumes, belly dances, passion, wonderful mood and unforgettable sensations await you this Saturday and Sunday. Charming and enigmatic Scheherazade waits in CHAT to tell her tempting story specifically for you. Open your heart and your mind for an incredible experience!

How to Understand that It’s Time to Be Done with Bachelor Life?

Many men believe that bachelorhood is time for real freedom of action. However, sooner or later there comes an awareness, even hidden deep in the soul, that such self-sufficiency is loneliness in real.

There is a number of signs on which one can understand that it’s time to be done with a bachelor’s life.
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Cherkassy (Part1)

This city is unique by the only White Lotus Buddhist temple in Europe, the hyperboloid Shukhov’s tower. So, about where you can go in Cherkassy, what is interesting about this city, we will tell in our review.

1. The Rose Valley Park

Here usually city events and holidays take place. Here you can sit on the bench, near one of the decorative lakes with fountains. Or look at the vast expanses of the Kremenchuk’s reservoir on the bank of which the park is stretched. The main Attraction of “Valley of Roses” is the original sundial. The arrow of the 15-meter dial is the silhouette of the crane, and figures – 12 chairs, located in a circle.
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Wedding dates for the lunar calendar 2017

The lunar calendar of 2017 is able to bring a lot of happiness to the young family, if you choose the right date of the wedding . Remember that, despite the beautiful dates, you can not marry in the days of fasting and large church holidays.
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TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Kremenchuk

There are not very many historical sights in Kremenchug. But in Kremenchug it is possible to take many pictures with cheerful monuments and fascinating panoramas.

1. Bridge across the Dnipro river

For Kremenchuk this is the same visiting card as the Eiffel Tower for Paris or Big Ben for London. The bridge is on all the paintings devoted to the city, on all posters and book covers. From here you can see beautiful views of the river, city beach, green islands. Particularly impressive are the landscapes at sunset. Well, a bit of extreme in addition: when on the bridge are going trains or trucks, you feel that it just “walks” under your feet. This attraction will be 70 years old soon.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 17-23 of July

The relationship can become unpredictable and very whirlwind. Fire signs begin to rush things and make mistakes. Water signs are better to consciously take a pause and think what they really want from a partner. Representatives of Air signs do not cease to amaze everyone with the non-standard approach to a situation. And the signs of the Earth are increasingly thinking over the hidden sides of a love affair.
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