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Romantic Paris

I ought to be jealous of the Eiffel Tower. She is more famous than I am.
— Gustave Eiffel
Hello to everyone! The first spring month is almost off, and the last its day marks the remarkable event. On March, 31, 1889, the symbol of modern Oh La la Paris was opened, the thing that is now associated with the romance of this city of lovers. Yes, it comes on the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous constructions of the whole world. » Read more..

Doctor’s Day

There are so many different professions nowadays, but everyone will agree that one of the most important ones are the social ones, like teachers or doctors, and we will talk about the holiday dedicated to the last ones. People of this profession have special attitude in society, they are highly appreciated, as they save life and make them easier. Unfortunately, in Slavic countries they are not much praised by high salaries, so people who still decide to choose to become a medic are almost real heroes. » Read more..

World Protection of Earth Day

On the 30th of March we have World Protection of Earth Day. It was established in XX century, when humankind understood that our planet is not eternal and our final day may come very soon. Even in the nearest future we, people of the Earth, can provoke the world catastrophe that will kill us and all the other living beings of the Earth, a catastrophe that will destroy our home, our planet eventually. » Read more..

What Does Slavic Woman Expect From You?

Everyone knows that Slavic ladies differ from European and American ones. Yes, you may meet some feminists among Russian and Ukrainian beauties but most of them are not radical and successfully combine ideas of feminism with their womanly nature. So what you should take into account at the beginning of your acquaintance with Slavic lady? What does she expect from you? How to impress her and conquer her heart?

First of all, take into account that most of the ladies are very active in their search of their future husband. They are nurtured with idea that a real happiness of man or woman can be built in a couple only. That’s why so many of Slavic ladies persistently send you so many letters on Step2Love. They just want to find their happiness and their special man! » Read more..

Special Lady this Week


Ukraine, Krivoy Rog
Age: 19 years old

Star sign: Virgo

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1. What can make you smile, even when you are upset?)

Children can make me smile even when I am upset! They are the light of our lives! They bring us joy and happiness and always can make me laugh and be in the sunny mood! » Read more..


men_12 (1)

I didn’t know much about Ukraine but now I am in love with its culture and traditions and of course gorgeous Ukrainian girls! When I first came at this site I didn’t know where to start …and whom I should communicate with …Ukrainian women are like superstars and I can’t help but wonder why all these gorgeous women are single… I guess Ukrainian men are blind. I made a lot of friends here and I hope they will meet me this spring. I want to come to Ukraine as soon as possible because I am tired to be single. I want to say thank you for all your services. I like that this site is quite simple to use. I like video chat and that I can call to a woman and hear her voice. I believe that I will find the perfect match on this site and I can’t wait to have a noisy wedding in Ukrainian style with vodka and dumplings!

The 27th of March – World Theater Day

How do couples usually spend their evenings together? They stay at home and watch TV in the evening, as they are too tired to do anything else after a long working day, or even on weekend, as they are too tired after the working week. Anyway, such time spending influences relationship in a quite negative way. This makes you feel bored. Remember how you spent your time before: you’ve been visiting so many interesting places. But where to go with your beloved couple? » Read more..

Odessa Weird Monuments

Hello to everyone! Spring (and summer) is the best time for traveling, and the South of Ukraine is rightfully considered to be the very place you should come to visit. Try and you will not regret it. Ukrainian ladies are possibly the most gorgeous in the world, but Odessa brides are something special! They are absolutely positive, family-oriented, slender and feminine. They dress definitely fashionably, look like ladies and have a bright sense of humor, which is no wonder. Odessa has a strong reputation of “The City of Humor”, having its own Humor Day and Humor Carnival. So a good sense of humor would be a great deal to have in family life. » Read more..

Are in Love?

What is love, and how do we feel and define it? Are you still unsure about what you feel towards a lady which seems to be so ideal and extremely good looking? There are several obvious signs which your mind sends you as soon as you fall in love with someone.

To begin with, you really feel that you can’t sleep. No, you still feel tired and understand that you need to get up early next morning to go for work, but you can’t get her vision out of your mind. Or you can’t stop talking to her sitting in the chat till late night or sending her SMS after SMS as you have so many things to share with her every day. » Read more..

How to Arouse Her Interest to You?

How to become closer in Internet with your beautiful Ukrainian lady from Step2Love? Pay attention to your correspondence, make it interesting and it will help you get to know each other much better! Just arouse her interest to you, and your mutual interest will help you find a way to be together!

Be original. Yes, this is a commonplace advice. But it really works! Talks about studies-work-house are really boring. Try to change the subject! » Read more..