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Hello everyone! Nice to see you again before the holidays! Well, the shopping is all past and done with anyway, the gifts and presents are bought and properly wrapped. It is becoming increasingly hard to ignore smells and sounds from the kitchen. Christmas, the greatest of all the holidays, is just around the corner and you may feel like almost happy now. So, in preparation for this eternal holiday there are some things-to-do in order to celebrate this feast in an appropriate way. Would like to check? » Read more..

How to Create a Happy Family?

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”, said Lev Tolstoy in “Anna Karenina”. If it is right, there must be some common basis that will help two close people to create a happy and harmonious family.

So what should you think about at the way to your future marriage with Ukrainian lady? What is important to discuss with your future spouse? What things should you pay attention to? » Read more..

Unusual Ways to Spend the First Date

Going for the first date is really thrilling, especially when a gorgeous Slavic girl is expecting something unusual from You. Nevertheless, lots of places to visit with a girl are too trivial and common, she will probably not even remember about such dating. Yet, You may fix the situation and make Your Russian or Ukrainian woman live this day in her head again and again willing to see You again and to repeat experience. » Read more..

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1. What are your thoughts about marriage, do you believe in it and have you ever wanted to be married?
I really dream to get married with a right, beloved man. I dream to create the wonderful friendly family and to make my husband the happiest person in the whole world) » Read more..

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Hello everyone! Today is 19th of December, and it is St. Nicholas Dai that is considered to be one of the most popular holidays in Ukraine. Most of the countries of East Central and East Europe commemorate this holiday, but the date differ. According to Western calendar, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th, while in accordance to Eastern Orthodox calendar this holiday is marked on December 19th. Ukraine is among the countries whose traditions are mainly rendered by the Orthodox calendar, so that is why because today the official Christmas season is believed to start. » Read more..

Simple Ways to Understand that a Woman Likes You

When You meet an extremely beautiful woman whom You surely liked at a first glance, You face a problem – does she like You the same way as You do? Sometimes the signs are obvious, but not always. Nevertheless, You shouldn’t be a psychologist to remember a set of small peculiarities which will almost shout: this woman is interested in You.

A woman may start waiting for Your appearing even when You are not by her side. She will be expecting for the next meeting and trying to keep on communicating to You. That’s the great sign that You have all chances to develop what has just started. » Read more..

Christmas Cuisine in Ukraine

Hi everyone! Christmas in Ukraine, as you know already, has its own noticeable differences, beginning with the date of celebration, and ending with the whole holiday concept. The main idea continues to be the same, but Ukrainian Christmas has its own distinguishing features because of its Orthodox origin. But there’s no denying that Christmas traditions in Ukraine are deeply rooted in pre-Christian, pagan religion as well, so that is why Ukrainian Christmas customs are absolutely unique. » Read more..

Christmas Traditions in Ukraine: Date Difference

Hi, everybody! Greetings from Ukraine! Christmas is coming and it might be advisable to consider the Ukrainian traditions and customs about this holiday. And that is plenty to talk about. The Ukrainian Christmas traditions considerably differ from the Western ones.  Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 in accordance with the Roman Catholic tradition (according to Gregorian calendar) in the Western Europe and the USA practice. » Read more..

Lviv: Christmas Countdown

Hello everyone! Christmas coming nearer and nearer, and people’s only concern now is holiday’s shopping. Santa’s lists are ready yet, so you are going to think about buying Christmas gifts and surprises. If it involves visiting Ukraine as well, you would have a brilliant opportunity to solve the Christmas gifts’ problem. Today a new week starts and today the City of Lviv officially opens Christmas season-2013. So you are welcome! » Read more..

Winter Fun Every Day

Since early childhood everyone is looking for winter, for snow and lots of fun with friends. Of course, now everyone has grown up and has families, but who prevents You from having fun with Your beloved person? This cold and mystical period of year may bring You lots of bright memories.

As Christmas will be really soon, it is time to think over decorations for Your living place. No matter where You live, You may invent many ways of making Your place look gorgeous and much better then of Your neighbor’s. Your woman will surely enjoy such time spending and participating in Your life. » Read more..