TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Dnipro (Part1)

The first association with Dnipro is an industrial city. All this is true, but there is another side of the city on the Dnipro river. These are beautiful parks, modern avenues and boulevards, a lot of various museums and theaters.

1. Monastery Island

This is the most romantic and mysterious attraction. This is one of the most popular places among the townspeople and visitors of the city. The decoration of the island is the snow-white Nikolaev’s church, built in 1999. Its gilded dome is visible from different points of the city. You can get to the island by the pedestrian bridge,another option to get to the island is by high-speed trolls. So you will get to a new observation deck, from which a beautiful panorama of the city opens.
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All Truth About Women’s Nightwear. Part 2

In the first part of the article we started to reveal the secrets of definition og woman’s nature by her nightwear. A woman’s soul is so mysterious and elusive thing that every man faces a situation of being helpless when it needs to amaze, conquer and solve his woman’s mind.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 10-16 of July

A week can bring some pleasant changes to your personal life when you are already quite desperate. Everything will depend on a strange combination of circumstances that could not be foreseen in advance! So rely on fate and it will present many surprises for you!
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TOUR GUIDE. What to see in Kharkiv (Part1)

Kharkiv can strike the tourists with ambitiousness. Now it is the second city after the capital by the population in Ukraine. Earlier, in Soviet times, Kharkiv was the capital for 15 years. And the attractions of Kharkiv already called for thousands of tourists. So here is the list of what to see in this beautiful city.

1. Sarzhin Yar

This is the yar (girder) that separates Pavlovo Field from the Mountainous region. There is also one of the Kharkov sources of mineral water. Just recently it was restored and brought to the proper view. Now you can get water, dip into the font, rest on benches or lawn. Also in Sarzhin Yar there are wonderful children’s and sports grounds.
1Sarzhin Yar
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TOUR GUIDE. What to see in Odessa

The list of all the charms of Odessa is endless. Without exaggeration, this is the most colorful Ukrainian city and by itself it is already a tourist attraction.

1. Deribasovskaya Street

What is the most beautiful street in Odessa? Of course, it is the famous throughout the world Deribasovskaya. This is where the acquaintance with the city begins. The street is paved with cobbles and is pedestrian. It is here that the whole center of city entertainment is concentrated, where the history and the present are synchronously intertwined. Everyone has his own reason to fall in love with Deribasovskaya: in length and breadth it is not very big, but something in it is attractive and calm, carefree and cozy – in architecture, and in a lot of cafes, and in the absence of cars.
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Choosing a Wedding Dance

4 (1)
It is very important to consider every detail to make your wedding perfect and memorable. But in the pre-holiday bustle, you can lose sight of something, so it’s better to make a list in advance of everything necessary for this important ceremony. The choice of wedding dance is very important. You should understand that this is your first dance in the status of husband and wife.
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All Truth About Women’s Nightwear. Part 1

A person spends a third part of life in a dream. Although we remember it only from dreams, still we want to add some comfort to this part of life. Perhaps you’ve never looked closely at what kind of pajamas does your beloved woman wear under the blanket. In any case, if you were asked this question, you would find that the choice of sleepwear depends heavily on her mood and desires.

How to define the nature of a woman by her pajamas?

If she is tired after a busy day she puts on a warm and furry pajamas. If she wants pleasant dreams – it’s time for a silk tank-top. And if there is used a semi-transparent negligee then comments are superfluous.

Tank-top and shorts

One of the most popular “sleepy” sets. More than half of the girls sleep so. They are not overheated and comfortable. Open and sociable girls often dress so. They are not shy of their body, like to spend an evening with a glass of wine and order a pizza. At the same time, they often like to start a diet from Monday and reminisce it with a delicious cake in a couple of days. In general, you will never get bored with such girls.

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Wedding Signs and Superstitions

A wedding is important and responsible step in the life of each couple, which is enveloped in such a multitude of signs and superstitions that they can control literally every action.

There are superstitions associated with the weather, gifts, behavior of newlyweds and guests before, during and after the wedding… Some beliefs are made up to warn the newlyweds, and some – just to amuse and entertain.
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The Main Commandments of the Bride and Groom: Slavic Wedding

The wedding has its own traditions, etiquette, own rules. Step2Love prepared a memo for the bride and groom, a kind of cheat sheet to help you successfully pass the main exam of your life: your own wedding.
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Weekly LOVE Horoscope for 3rd of July to 9th of July.

A week can bring pleasant surprises, and most of all they concern all Fire Signs. The meetings will be filled with positive emotions. Water Signs are not ready to listen confessions, something stops them. The representatives of the elements of Air have a lot to do besides the love life, but then you will miss something important. Earth Signs are sincerely happy with all new adventures, the mood is beautiful.
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