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Ukrainian ceramic souvenirs

Today we are keeping up to talk about a wide variety of different Ukrainian souvenirs. Surely you would surf the Internet to find out the most appropriate wooden craft to gift after our yesterday review. And now after wood its turn to the next popular crafting in Ukraine. Next comes a review of ceramic souvenirs and it is well worth looking at. » Read more..

Ukrainian souvenirs: wood

When visiting Ukraine, tourists always tend to buy something remarkable in order to retain their impressions and memories. Buying souvenirs is a perfect way to accomplish this. Either keeping souvenirs at home or presenting them to your friends in order to share your impressions with them helps to preserve your memories about the country you visited. Ukraine is no exception.

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Family Values In Ukraine

How to find out what would be your marriage? How to ensure that it will be happy?

It is not so difficult as it seems for the first sight. You just should compare your family to your girlfriend’s one. If the family values are similar, your future marriage has great chance to be successful. So let’s talk on Step2Love about family values in Ukraine. » Read more..

Ukrainian culture: Dos and Don’ts

There are some traditions and customs in every culture people should know to avoid the embarrassment or an awkward situation. Ukrainian traditions are no exceptions.  They are similar enough to Western traditions, considering similar life goals and values and moral standards. However, every nation has its own national character, superstitions and lifestyle. Some of these traditions may sound to another culture strange enough and a little bit irrational. It will be remembered that other’s traditions and superstitions are neither good nor bad; they are just cultural patterns “as is”. » Read more..

Live in Blue Bay

What – Live in Blue Bay-2013

Where – Koktebel, Ukraine

When – September 4-8, 2013

All fans of cool jazz music – welcome! » Read more..

Australian Flag Day

Every country has its own Flag Day. This celebration vividly reflects the sovereignty of the country, its independence and self-esteem. The flag is the national symbol displayed around the country, the thing that makes every person proud. And now the riddle: what is the only country which flag to fly over a whole continent? See the answer below » Read more..

Labor Day

First Monday in September? (Clue: it’s a federal holiday) So what is the question? Let’s commemorate Labor Day together!

Father: Do you know most people don’t have to work today, because it’s Labor Day.

Son: If people are not working, shouldn’t we call today ‘No-Labor Day?’ » Read more..

Sorochyntsy Annual Fair

The last decade of August is known as the date of Sorochyntsy Annual Fair in Ukraine. A swirl of colors, masterpieces of embroidery, pottery, black-smithing, painting, textile goods, hand-made gifts and national souvenirs create the unique atmosphere of the past and present trends. Every last August decade in village of Velyki Sorochyntsy all the best artists and masters are honored to take part in Sorochintsy Annual Fair and deliberately demonstrate their virtuosity. » Read more..

The Beauty Of Ukraine – Podollya!

It is the end of the summer and autumn is coming. And the best place in Ukraine for greeting autumn is Podillya, the center of our country with moderate climate and fabulous nature. Let’s make acquaintance with the heart of Ukrainian Podillya – the National Natural Park “Podilsky Tovtry”!

The National Park “Podilsky Tovtry” is located in Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine (in the western part of country) and has the area more than 250 sq. km. A very long time ago “Tovtry” – rocky cambered ridge – were the coral reefs along the ancient coastline. This ridge is similar to the Australian Great Barrier Reef but Tovtry is much smaller and are located completely on a dry land. Nowadays the altitude of this massif is near the 500 m. » Read more..

Ukrainian pottery

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~Mary Lou Cook

There are some crafts that accompany mankind for more than several thousand years. Ceramics and pottery are among that number. Since men had learnt the secret of a piece of clay and began to handle the clay, they opened the new age of civilization. A quite ordinary, unattractive-looking piece of clay became the best gift for people. In meant all – warm cooking, primitive decorations, toys for children, and – last but not least – a possibility to remind their descendants about ancestors through statues and rite things. The oldest known pottery dates to 20,000 BC, at the height of the ice age, long before the beginnings of agriculture. Pottery became part of a culture and maintains his position yet.

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