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What Is Your Perfect Evening Rest?

What Is Your Perfect Evening Rest?

What do you think about perfect evening recreation? Could you describe it? What could it be for being ideal?

Is it sitting at home with TV or PC, or in the cozy coffee house or in the refined restaurant, in the noisy sports bar or in the nightclub, on the friends’ party or in a bed with your sweetheart, or maybe playing sport games at the open air or walk in park, in forest or along the seashore? » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Marina 25 years old Ukraine Krivoy Rog

Marina 25 years old Ukraine Krivoy Rog


Ukraine, Krivoy Rog

Age: 25 years old

Star sign: Aries

Photo Album: 10 photo

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A Wednesday in Baseball

A Wednesday in Baseball

Has your father ever taken you to a baseball game? What is your earliest baseball memory? Was it a brilliant sun or roar of the crowd, ice-cream cones or amazing home runs? And later, this feeling like “on the favorite team”, “Let’s go!” calls, collecting baseball cards and reading player stats on the backs, World Series, Opening Day? Training camps, starts and runs, catch and blocks, PeeGee league, grandslams and shortstops? All things that make baseball as it is. » Read more..

How Can Slavic Women Be So Beautiful?

How Can Slavic Women Be So Beautiful?

Looking at the magnificent women’s photos at Step2Love you may ask: ‘How can Ukrainian women be so lovely? All of them can not look like Hollywood actresses! Is that a photo editing? Isn’t that a fake, are these women real???

Well, YES, they ARE real. All of them, every last one is true. And they really look like they do at their photos, you can see that yourself, just visit Ukraine and get acquaintance with these wonderful women. » Read more..

Father’s Day

fathers day banner

Mother’s Day is in past, now dads have their turn and it’s time to think of them! Sunday, June 16, is an occasion to honor dads and fatherhood. It’s a golden opportunity to focus on fathers, brothers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, great-grandfathers and other male relatives and to spend some time with them. Millions of people marks Father’s Day to do justice to their dads and the role of fathers in society at all.

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12 Women-only Things That Amaze Men

12 Women-only Things That Amaze Men-1

Women are unbelievable creates and I guess there is no man at this planet who can say that he completely understands women. And Russian women are not exceptions. Here are some facts about women which always amaze men and let them think that women are from other planet. » Read more..

Flag Day – National Anniversary!

Flag USA

Today- the 14th of June- The United States celebrates Flag Day- is a national holiday, the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777, the day for commemoration the American flag’s adoption and the day to honor it! It’s a special day in life of every American the same as any other national holiday such as Memorial Day, Independence Day etc. Many people around the country honor US Flag with displaying it on public buildings and homes. » Read more..

World Blood Donor Day Is Today

World Blood Donor Day Is Today

World Heath Organization declared 14th of June a World Blood Donor Day. That was done for attracting people’s attention to the blood donation.

It is not necessary to explain how important it is, to donate blood: in all over the world every day many people get to the accidents, lose a lot of blood and need an urgent blood transfusion. » Read more..

Special Lady this Week – Elena 29 years old Ukraine Nikolaev

Elena 29 years old Ukraine Nikolaev


Ukraine, Nikolaev

Age: 29 years old

Star sign: Capricorn

Photo Album: 24 photo

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What do women want: top male professions which attract women

What Do Russian Women Want The Most Attractive Male Professions

The sociologist asked 2500 Russian women what male professions are attractive for them. And the results were very unexpected.At about 14 per cent of women love men in uniforms. They love men who work as soldier, sailor, pilot, policeman or lifeguard. This professions are chosen by the women aged 40 to 50 years and those whose income is not very high. » Read more..