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How to make iced coffee perfectly

“Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven”
Jesse Jane Addams

Have you already got used to a hot cup of coffee? But what should we do with it when it is extremely hot outside? The decision is iced coffee. And it is not an ordinary cup of coffee filled with ice. If we do that the flavor becomes diluted and the coffee won’t be so cold as it has to be. We will now see how to make iced coffee perfectly! But you have to be patient, it is not as fast as usual coffee 😉 » Read more..

What About Great Crimean Adventure?

Are you going to go to Ukraine this summer? Ladies from Step2Love wait for you here!

Lovely Ukrainian ladies are ready to meet you in Crimea, beautiful Ukrainian peninsula, surrounded by the Black and Azov Seas. Here you will know how warm and delicate can be the sea waves, how picturesque and colorful can be rocks and grottoes, how pleasant can be the beach and how beautiful can be local ladies in their summer dresses and swimsuits! » Read more..

Welcome to the Nikitskiy Botanical Garden!

A new week is coming and we are still there. Dreaming about the rest? So if you plan for your vacation or just would like to spend your holidays or a weekend with a gorgeous Ukrainian lady, you should know about the most attractive Crimean must-sees. You are welcoming to visit the hospitable Crimean sightseeing and so let’s start to know more about them.




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Magic of Crimean wines

Hi, today is weekend yet and it’s time to entertain again!  We continue our brief outline about Crimean sightseeing and activities and today let’s learn more about the Crimean oldest wineries. The sight of this would drive a real connoisseur of fine wines really wild! It’s not vinegary stuff, it’s a real treasure!

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Unforgettable Crimea!

Hi everyone! It’s near weekends and we are glad to enjoy you with the next portion of the interesting information about exciting places of Ukraine. There are hot sun, turquoise see and lots, no LOTS of bikini, tankini, monokini or camikini. You quite guessed, today you know better about the most mysterious and romantic place of Ukraine. It’s all about Crimea. » Read more..

The Language Of Flowers

In all ages people loved flowers for their beauty and wonderful fragrance. Colorful green plants were used for decoration of costumes and hats, houses and streets. Troubadours composed songs about flowers, comparing their charm with delicate female beauty.

Ladies always loved flowers very much and still do it, without reference to their age or skin color. If you’d like to pleasure to any your acquainted lady – or to your special lady from Step2Love – just send her flowers.

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12 Interesting Facts about Kisses

One of the proverbs says: “Life is the gift of nature, Love is the gift of life, a Kiss is the gift of Love”. But do we know absolutely everything about kisses? Hope you will like the little known facts about kisses and find the Russian lady whose kisses will be the most desirable for you!


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Funny Ukraine

Hi and greetings to you all! Today we offer you the first of a series of articles “Funny Ukraine”. Ukraine is a country rich not only for either beauty of nature or beauty of wonderful Ukrainian brides, but also in cultural and historical events. We think you’re going to find these facts curious and get an interesting learning experience. And so take the open road!

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Music of Ukraine

Ukraine is proud not only of its magnificent beauty of nature, beautiful Ukrainian ladies, great traditions and customs, but also of its musical heritage. The history of Ukrainian music has ancient roots and traces to the medieval tradition of dumy and byliny (narrative epic and heroic poems). Several Ukrainian folk songs are famous in the world. Would you know more about it?

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International Traffic Lights Day

Have you ever thought about the simple things of everyday life, their history and origin? It’s interesting that when something is so ingrained a part of your life and has been around, we rarely think of it as something that had to be created. Traffic lights, for example. You see it every day; you use it every part of the day, but have you ever wondered why are traffic lights Red, Yellow and Green? Who and when invented the first traffic system? Well, if it is so, you are on the right way. Today is the International Day of the traffic light and you have a very good bet to learn about all these things

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