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Why Do Ukrainian Beauties Look For A Husband Abroad?

Visiting International Dating Sites, you can find there many incredibly beautiful Slavic ladies that are seeking a foreigner. You will definitely ask yourself, why do they do it?

Such young and unique beauties, smart and feminine! Are they real? Isn’t it a cheating?! Do they really want to meet a foreigner? Why can’t they find their happiness in their native land?

The source of this problem lies in difficulty of gender relationship that was formed in post-soviet countries. Severities of post-WWII, period of stagnation and “perestroika”, harsh life in 1990s were hard for soviet and » Read more..

Hair Stereotypes – What Are the Popular?

Hi everyone! Let’s talk today about hair stereotypes! Have you ever thought that people can be different depending on color of their hair? Do you believe red-heads hot-tempered and excited? Do you think blondes are dumb bimbos and ditzy? Do you consider brunettes smart, highly-professional and confident or curly-haired are bubbly? The origin of these beliefs is lost, but all these are pure hair stereotypes that some people carefully follow. It’s time to find out if they are still valid.  » Read more..

Little Black Dress

“When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

It is just a color. It is just a dress. But it shows us more than we could even imagine. Simple and austere, it shows you a real woman without any decoration. Just she as she is.

Before it was presented by Coco Chanel at one of her fashion show in 1826, black color was used as a color of grief only. It never occurred to anybody to dress a black clothes without a mourning reason.

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Sweet Lingerie

The little secret of every beautiful and successful woman is very thrilling and tempting for every men. The secret of lady’s self-confidence is… her lingerie. No matter what the clothes, shoes or accessories are on a lady: if she wears a beautiful seductive lingerie she always feels herself great like an actress in front of cameras on the red carpet! So now you know why the ladies from Step2Love are so seductive! Let’s talk about the history of their little secret. » Read more..

Naughty Curls Or Sleek Tresses?

They say that ladies with curly hair usually want to have straight and on the contrary ladies who have straight tresses dream about curls. But the genetics is an adamant science and it is not so easy to change your nature. So ladies often undertake different wiles for the sake of changing character of their hair and to become more beautiful. » Read more..

Ukrainian Wedding: customs and traditions

The autumn coming soon is considered “wedding season” in Ukraine. And, as every wedding season, it has its own rules and traditions. Actually, Ukrainian wedding traditions are ancient, rooted in history and are not quite the West same. So, if you are one of those who are already dreaming about their wedding plans or if you are dating a gorgeous Ukrainian lady and thinking about your future intentions, further piece of information should be useful for you.

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Lovely Coral Necklace

It is quite impossible to imagine Ukrainian lady without her beautiful adornments and ladies from Step2Love also like them very much. Let’s talk today about one of the most ancient Ukrainian ornaments – beautiful red coral necklace.

Red color of different decorations always was very popular in Ukraine. This color that symbolize blood, life, kin and also sincere love and passion, is found on ancient and modern Ukrainian clothes, decorative and everyday towels, crockery, house decoration and different other things. Probably this love to the red color made red coral necklace a national ornament of Ukrainian ladies.

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The Language Of Flowers

In all ages people loved flowers for their beauty and wonderful fragrance. Colorful green plants were used for decoration of costumes and hats, houses and streets. Troubadours composed songs about flowers, comparing their charm with delicate female beauty.

Ladies always loved flowers very much and still do it, without reference to their age or skin color. If you’d like to pleasure to any your acquainted lady – or to your special lady from Step2Love – just send her flowers.

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12 Interesting Facts about Kisses

One of the proverbs says: “Life is the gift of nature, Love is the gift of life, a Kiss is the gift of Love”. But do we know absolutely everything about kisses? Hope you will like the little known facts about kisses and find the Russian lady whose kisses will be the most desirable for you!


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Romantic Photo-Story Of Your Love

Every lady from Step2Love likes a lot to be photographed. Professional photography saves the most magnificent moments of our life and makes them even more bright and colorful. Lady’s beauty, captivating smile and carefree mood stay on the snapshot as a wonderful butterfly under the glass, forever keeping their charm. So ladies who keep their forms and take care of their appearance, love professional photo sessions very much.

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