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Travel-living: change your world, open your mind!

Would you like to change your life? Make it free and adventurous, without plans and schedules, without city bustle and traffic congestions, without requirements and restrictions?

Would you like to see diverse countries and cultures, different people and different lifestyles? Would you like to see the world in its beauty and variety? » Read more..

Carnival Season in Germany

Hello everyone! Would like to celebrate Carnival Season in Germany? It is usually called “the Fifth Season” and – frankly speaking – it is a very descriptive name. Costume balls, the bright and loud celebrations, parades and street events – all this means that Carnival (Karneval , Fastelovend or Fasching, as this usually is pronounced in Germany) has already begun. Would you like to join the crazy? » Read more..

How To Make Sure This Is Love?

You are corresponding with the lady and one day you feel that she becomes very special to you. But how can you know that it is love? How can you be sure she will be your “the only one”? Pay attention to your feelings and you will understand it!

So, it is serious if: » Read more..

First Automobile Patent

Hello everyone and good day to all! Have you ever thought what would our life look like without automobiles? Modern cars, with all their conveniences and comfortable devices, certainly make life easier for people. “An automobile is not a luxury, but a means of transportation”, said the protagonist in one of the classical Russian books. He was absolutely right. The cars are very important part of our lives today. » Read more..

The Mystery of Tutankhamen’s Curse

Hello to everyone! Today the world celebrates the great date. On November 4th, 1922, Howard Carter, a British archaeologist and Egyptologist, made the great discovery. Carter and his assistants found the entrance to Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This event was of crucial historical and cultural importance, actually launching the new – modern – era of Egyptology. But at the same time that’s followed by the Curse of Tutankhamen. » Read more..

Happy Housewife Day!

“No laborer in the world is expected to work for room, board, and love – except the housewife”

          Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Hello to everyone! Today is more informal holiday to celebrate, but no less either interesting or worth mentioning. Moms, stay-at-home wives, all the ladies who choose to stay home and to be domestic goddess – this holiday is dedicated to appreciate all their invaluable contribution to the comfortable safety of the home.   » Read more..

Cheerleading, Cheerliving

Hello to you and good luck today! “Who’s got spirit? Who do? Who do? – We’ve got spirit! We do! We do!” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? What about music and dance, stunting and tumbling, pom poms and cheer sticks? Guessed? Well, with a cheer spirit and joy, we are glad to congratulate you on the anniversary of cheerleading on this day of November. Are you ready to rock? » Read more..

National Author’s Day

Hello everyone! How’s your Halloween night? Has the celebration been really spooktacular, ha? Have you had tons of fun? Have you enjoyed your Halloween costume? Hope so! Today is the 1st of November, and today we have a perfect chance to amuse you with the great occasion. Today we celebrate National Author’s Day! Well, do you have a favorite author? So it’s a golden chance to appreciate his\her hard work on writing their masterpieces. » Read more..

Hello, Halloween!

Hello everyone! Hope you are ready to celebrate today the most spooktacular holiday – Halloween! Tons of fun, trick-or-treat, Jack-a-lanterns everywhere you can see it – today is the second popular commercial holiday after Christmas. Originated in Ireland over 2,000 years ago, Halloween is treated today as a harvest festival generally, and, of course, as a brilliant chance to have a fun! Funny costumes (each year has its own fashion costumes trends), trick-or-treating sweets and candies for all and every children, owls, pumpkins and scarecrows, skeletons, mummies, vampires, werewolves – there’s nothing more traditional and intense? » Read more..

Ballpoint Pen – 125 Years Together!

“No man was more foolish when he had not a pen in his hand, or more wise when he had” 

 Samuel Johnson

Hello everyone! Well, today let us talk about the things of everyday use! Have you ever wondered what does our life look like without it? There are a tooth brush, a needle with a thread, a spoon or a fork, a key ring and a hair comb.  Of course, there are so many. We use it every day without thinking about its inventing or the story of making. We just use it, because these things have been invented a long time ago, as we think. People had begun to make it a habit to use such everyday things. » Read more..