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Make A Gift Day

Hello everyone! December starts, and isn’t much time before Christmas to think about making gifts. Do you like making presents to your friends or family? What kinds of gifts do you prefer to give? Some jewelries, perfumes, gift certificates or eatable things like a box of chocolates or coffee pack? And what about kinds of gifts to get? Electronics things, useful devices, expensive watches, good books or pictures? Do you prefer store-bought presents or spend some time for finding handmade gifts? Today is the 3rd of December, and it’s Make A Gift Day – precisely the right time to think about Christmas gifts! » Read more..

Why Do Ukrainian Beauties Look For A Husband Abroad?

Visiting International Dating Sites, you can find there many incredibly beautiful Slavic ladies that are seeking a foreigner. You will definitely ask yourself, why do they do it?

Such young and unique beauties, smart and feminine! Are they real? Isn’t it a cheating?! Do they really want to meet a foreigner? Why can’t they find their happiness in their native land?

The source of this problem lies in difficulty of gender relationship that was formed in post-soviet countries. Severities of post-WWII, period of stagnation and “perestroika”, harsh life in 1990s were hard for soviet and » Read more..