TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Kiev (Part1)

It is impossible not to fall in love in Kiev. Cozy courtyards, smiling people, a lot of beautiful places and a unique atmosphere. However, in the capital there are lots of cult places of interest which must be seen by foreign tourists.

1. Andreevsky descent

You will not find the more atmospheric place than this one. The love is in the air here and birds sing in soul. This is the place where you can feel yourself as the hero of a French romantic movie that walks along the cobbles of landscape streets, buys funny trinkets and laughs endlessly.

2. Vozdvizhenka

This is a new look at architecture. It can hardly be considered as a tourist attraction, but this is the place which reminds that modernization is not only high glazed buildings. It is much more interesting to use non-standard architectural solutions and, for instance, decorate houses in different colors. In general, if you want to get beautiful photos you have to come here!

3.Academic Puppet Theater

This building is incredibly reminiscent of the pearl of France, built by the great multiplier Walt Disney. Favorite place for children and parents who believe in miracles. You will adore to walk here with your lady or alone.

4. Church of St. Nicholas

If you walk along Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street and you will think that you stumbled upon Notre-Dame de Paris, do not be scared, you are still in Kiev. And the masterpiece of Gothic Revival is in front of you is none other than the Church of St. Nicholas, designed by V. Gorodetsky. You can admire his intricate patterns for hours, penetrating deep into the centuries. It is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. Nicholas. Since 1980, the House of Chamber and Organ Music is located in its building.

5. Motherland Monument

A popular place in Kiev, representing a grandiose monument-sculpture, erected on the right bank of the Dnipro in 1981. The monument is dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. It impresses with its huge size and is surrounded by a picturesque park, in which adults and children walk with pleasure. In addition, here you can visit an interesting museum exposition on historical facts of the military actions of 1941-1945.