TOUR GUIDE. What to See in Cherkassy (Part1)

This city is unique by the only White Lotus Buddhist temple in Europe, the hyperboloid Shukhov’s tower. So, about where you can go in Cherkassy, what is interesting about this city, we will tell in our review.

1. The Rose Valley Park

Here usually city events and holidays take place. Here you can sit on the bench, near one of the decorative lakes with fountains. Or look at the vast expanses of the Kremenchuk’s reservoir on the bank of which the park is stretched. The main Attraction of “Valley of Roses” is the original sundial. The arrow of the 15-meter dial is the silhouette of the crane, and figures – 12 chairs, located in a circle.

2. Castle Hill, or Hill of Glory

On the Hill of Glory there is a monument to Motherland. City memorial events are held here. The monument is located on the site of an ancient Russian settlement, the basis of which was the Cherkassy fortress. To the top of the hill, tourists come up via special granite steps, and from there the beautiful panorama to the “Valley of the Roses” opens.

3. Engineer Shukhov’s hyperboloid water tower

At the water channel of Cherkassy, a unique structure has survived: a water hyperboloid tower of 36 meters high, built by an outstanding engineer Shukhov in 1914. The openwork structure made of steel structures is often compared with the French Eiffel Tower, there are 11 similar towers in the world. The Cherkassy rarity is no longer used for water lifting, it is an architectural monument specified in many guidebooks.

4. Shcherbina House, or the Palace of Happiness

One of the architectural attractions, which is worth seeing in Cherkassy, is the building of the Palace of Marriages. The ancient mansion of the engineer Shcherbina was built in 1892. It is decorated with openwork arches and a special decorative colonnade. Thanks to the modern lighting system, in the evening the Cherkassy Palace of Happiness looks very attractive.

5. Buddhist temple of martial arts “White Lotus”

This is the only Buddhist temple in Europe, “White Lotus”, the prototype of which was the temple in Laos. In archival documents there is an entry about a mysterious stone that was found on the island of the lake in Cherkassy. On the stone was depicted Buddha. Today this find is one of the attractions of the temple. At the entrance to the cells there are the figures of soldiers brought from Tibet.