How to Attract a Lady on the Dating Site

Lot of guys make typical mistakes that prevent them from successfully acquiring dating sites. We want to help and teach you how to get acquainted.

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the your profile. If you want to attract lady and built real relationship then fill your profile, download photos, so that single ladies can see and get know you. Change your attitude to the process of acquaintance, do not take the position of begging. There is one technique that will allow you to be different from most guys – this is an evaluation frame. If the guys are ready to get out of the skin to attract lady by correspondence, then to distinguish from them, you just need to do so that she will want to attract you. The evaluation frame can not be explained by examples of phrases. This is your approach to communicate with girls, in which you show that you evaluate them.

Rules of correspondence

•If the lady answers to your message long time, and you immediately, then the only way to fix everything is to answer as long as possible + use flirting with the evaluation frame.
•And sometimes you can even answer for a long time, even if she does it right away.
•Your questions should be interesting and do not go one after another, like a turn from an automaton.
•Your communication should consist only of 10-20% of the questions. Everything else is stories and statements.
•If you feel that this communication does not outgrow a date today, then do not communicate with lady for more than one hour. Otherwise, you show that you have a boring life, and communication with her is the only escape from boredom.
•Sometimes it is useful to leave online without waiting for an answer to the question asked by you (this will show her that you do not depend on her reaction and will make you doubt her attractiveness to you).
•Do not be afraid to start communicating with flirting. This is not a prelude to sex, as many think, but a trigger that switches her thoughts in the right direction. And the sooner you start using it, the better!
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Do not forget that this is just advice from us. In any conversation with a lady, the main thing is to write from your heart and then you will be able to build not only love, but family!