Teddy Bear Day! Congratulate your Ukrainian Lady with a Tight Hug of Plush Toy on 9th of September!

Team of Step2Love is happy to tell you about such a plush holiday as a Teddy Bear Day! All world will celebrate this day on 9st of September. We want to give you some advises in advance how you can please your Ukrainian bride, stay in her thoughts every minute as she is at home and give her the new family member that will union your and her in a strong couple.

Teddy Bear has already turned 100 years old, there have been many fans and collectors of this toy around the world. There are entire museums dedicated to them, some bear cubs are sold for quite large amount of money, and the most expensive of them was sold in 1929 for 90 hundreds dollars.

So were teddy bears created for children or for adults?

Only recently psychologists could explain this attraction of enough adult women to seemingly children’s toys. It turns out that the proportions of the Teddy Bear ideally coincide with the proportions of the baby’s body, which awakens the maternal instinct and causes the girls to involuntarily reach out to such a sweet creature.

Such a gift to a girl is gaining popularity. It will be a perfect gift from a man, because neither friends nor parents are likely to give a woman this “plush happiness”. The more a bear, the more it will be eye-catching, and therefore, it will remind of the person from whom she received this fine gift.

Why is a Teddy Bear considered almost the best gift for your lady?

    1. Firstly, it is very nice, and the girls just can not resist everything soft and gentle. Plush Teddy Bear as a gift to a girl is the best choice.
    1. Secondly, such a toy can be hugged, you can lie down with it and share something most intimate, tell about your thoughts.
    1. Thirdly, when there is no one nearby who could support the girl in a difficult moment, such a gift as a Teddy Bear will necessarily remind the girl of a loving person and give her confidence.
  • So, if you give a Teddy Bear to your Ukrainian lady, she will not manage to resist! Every second female representative dreams of such a gift.


    How to choose a Teddy Bear for a gift to your lady?

    For a gift to fragile and not tall girls, it will be better if the toy is about 160 centimeters. Such a Teddy Bear will more or less as the height of your lady and remind her of a loving man in her life.

    If your lady is tall, you can give her even bigger toy. However, buying such a huge gift (and sometimes they reach two meters), you need to think about whether your gorgeous bride will have enough room in the apartment or house, because this is absolutely not a mobile thing.

    If you want to please your beloved woman very much, but not to reduce the space of her room, the best option for a gift will be a Teddy Bear up to 1 meter. There is always a room for it in the apartment, and it will definitely become a decoration in it.

    If your goal is to make just a pleasant surprise, it is better to choose a bear of medium size.

    Well, probably, the most important thing is that the gift looks more attractable, it’s best to give a Teddy Bear with a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a box of chocolates. Your gift will become a real family member.