What Do Smart Ukrainian Brides Read on a Book Day?

The team of the one of the best dating websites, Step2Love, conducted the survey among our gorgeous brides. We offer you to answer the same questions and don’t forget to ask them to your beloved half whom you have found on our website.

Do you have a book, the acquaintance with which was the most important event in your life? A book that changed the view of the world and of yourself? Maybe it’s a classic art novel, a short story, a collection of poems or an essay written by a modern author, tell us about this book, share its discoveries, thoughts, feelings. Why this plot caught you? What topic, the idea, touched on in the book, became the most significant? Why?

“I think that many books are capable of becoming the most important event in life, it is necessary that it should fall into the hands at a certain moment. In the book that changed the view of myself, I found the answers to all the questions that concerned me at that moment, I found, without even looking, they came themselves, everything was so simple and understandable.»

“My aunt gave me the most wonderful book in my life. “Games people play” by Eric Berne.
I can not explain in words everything that I felt reading this book. I felt like a child who had opened his eyes just right now and was impressed by environment around him.
There are no tedious theories, conclusions, instructions and other things. They is life, just as it really is, and not as it seems to us or we want to see it.
I was just amazed at how really everything is simple. The relationship, the actions of people, everything can be explained, understood and seen by everyone as it is in reality, and not what we are presented with”.

“The book that changed my life is called “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I think that my thoughts on this subject are shared by thousands of people who are familiar with the writer’s work. I opened the “The Fountainhead” in a difficult period of my life, when I broke up with my ex”.

“I really liked Van Gogh’s letters to his brother and friends. This is a striking human document which shows what spiritual content is behind every picture of this genius, not recognized in the course of life.
“There is nothing more artistic than loving people…” Vincent van Gogh”