Malibu Contest on Step2Love: Congratulate our Beautiful Winners


Malibu Contest was one of the Hottest on Step2Love. Great amount of Sexy Girls took part in this Contest. All of them were eager to win, but You chose only 3 The Most Seductive Ladies who became The Best Malibu Lifeguards!
All winners received pleasant gifts that will make them more and more beautiful for you!

Congratulate our Beautiful Winners:

1 Place: Svetlana 25 years old Ukraine Pavlograd (id: 127670)
Shopping Certificate
1 место ID 127670

2 Place: Oksana 27 years old Ukraine Nikolaev (id: 108569)
Brocard Certificate
2 место ID 108569

3 Place: Victoria 23 years old Crimea Feodosia (id: 126129)
SPA Certificate
3 место ID 126129