Top-5 Mistakes in Relations

Do you have any problems in relationship with your beloved one? Step2Love hopes that our advices will help you to look at yourself and your sweetheart in a new way and start working on relationships.
What turns people who are recently were in love with each other into an eternally curse couple or in two completely indifferent subjects? We formulated 5 typical mistakes made by the spouses.


Mistake 1
Principle of automatism

It’s wrong to think that if you are together, everything will now happen automatically, by itself. If you love and understand each other today, then tomorrow your relations will be just as close and harmonious. Look around: everything in nature is either destroyed by external forces, or self-destructive. The same happens with relationships. If one or both partners stop investing in them, then the gap is imminent.

Mistake 2
Principle of sugar

Do you think that having completely dissolved into a partner, you can keep him or her close? Do you think that by giving up your interests for the sake of the family, you will become irreplaceable and unique? But this is a mistake. Excess of sweet causes nausea, not pleasure. It’s a mistake to give yourself away to a partner, forgetting about other areas of your life. Your beloved one and relationship are just part of your interests, but not everything in the world.
A person should have his or her own personal territory, hobbies, desires and social circle. Live your own life!

Mistake 3
Principle of freezing

It is a mistake to stop developing, learn new things, improve yourself. Our world is dynamic, and if you are frozen on the same level, then you will immediately overtake by faster ones. You need to be interesting to your partner, and the best way to do this is always to learn new things, live with interest and improve yourself.

Mistake 4
Principle of weight

It’s a mistake to tie a partner, depriving him or her personal space. Reread the previous points and understand: a person needs to develop, have a certain freedom and live his life, and not just relationships. He or she should have his or her own personal space, and do not encroach on it, because in return you will get only irritation and anger. If a person doesn’t know how to combine personal freedom and loyalty in a relationship – think about it, do you need this person?

Mistake 5
Principle «you’re on your own»

In a pair it is important to create a common space. There need to be something that unites your couple on three levels: emotional, intellectual and physical. As you know, this is not about the children, the apartment and the dog, but about things more significant.

These are the most common mistakes in married couples. Step2Love wishes you to avoid them and build strong and happy relationships!