Blow Up Her Taste! Your Private Party on International Chocolate Day!

The flame of candles mildly light the most priceless face of your beloved woman in front of you, the mount of different kinds of chocolate hypnotize your sense of smell, teasing and promising the memorable tasting of divine sweetness. You reach out your hand wishing to give the most pleasurable feelings to your lady by putting the piece of chocolate on her tongue. Ask her to wait and feel how the luxurious taste is opening all its shadows and accents. Look into the reflection of flame in her eyes and soak up her discovers of taste at the same time with her.

Your Chocolate Party is started in order to celebrate the one of the unusual holidays… International Chocolate Day!

On this day Step2Love offers you to create the special memories with your Ukrainian woman who will be delighted by your idea! We gathered the best instruction of chocolate tasting that will help you to be an expert in this sweet affair!

Tasting different flavor of chocolate is almost a job: it takes time and experience in order to learn to recognize all the nuances of tastes. And yet, everyone can become an expert on chocolate by reading our advice and practicing.

Each chocolate has its own unique taste that makes it unique. The cocoa from which it is made has a great influence on the taste of chocolate: the quality of the soil in the region where it grows, the amount of sun light, the amount of precipitation and the nutrients of the soil. Also, the properties of the other ingredients have relevance for the final taste of the product.

Try to get acquainted with chocolate just as you taste a wine, learn to recognize different shades of taste in your mouth. Take your time, compare different tastes and check the sensitivity of your taste buds. Pause in the tasting, close your eyes.

How to taste it properly

In order to truly immerse yourself in the world of chocolate, you will need a place where you can relax and concentrate on the shades of taste. Abstract from the noise of the outside world in a quiet environment, where you can relax and dive into the world of chocolate. Concentration is of paramount importance when trying to recognize all the details of chocolate taste.

Make sure that a plate has a neutral design and is completely clean. Cut the chocolate into small pieces.

If the chocolate is seemed a little bit cool, give it a little time in the room temperature to become soft and the taste to be more express.

Put a small piece of chocolate on the tongue and let it slowly melt. Tints of taste will gradually change each other, and you can feel that the initial taste and aftertaste are slightly different.

Think about how chocolate is felt in your mouth and what tastes you feel. You can record your observations: its look, velvety texture, flavorings, tastes, melting. What kind of chocolate is in your mouth right now: bitter, sweet, salty? What tastes do you feel? Do you feel fruits, nuts, milk or vanilla taste?

Take a break

If you taste many different flavors of chocolate, it is important to make a short pause after each kind of it, so that the tastes do not mix. Make notes or discuss with friends your findings. Drink a glass of water, and you are ready again to go on to explore a new taste.

The way to learn the understanding of chocolate is endless, and you can practice whenever you want. A pleasant way to taste chocolate is to invite your loving bride to a special private party.