Psychology of the Ukrainian Women. What Do Women Want?

Being in love search you are always wondering about one important thing: “What does She want?”
The team of Step2Love is trying to find the answer for you to make your relations with your foreign bride more successful and strong. We merged the psychological researches and Ukrainian mentality and are ready to share our results with you. We believe in our mission to help in changing people’s lives. Love is most strong feeling on the Earth that makes incredible changes!

Are you ready to change your life?

Any woman has only three needs. If you think that this is an apartment, a car and a fur coat, you are mistaken. Everything is much simpler and more accessible.

Here are her needs:

    1. closeness
    1. appreciation
    1. safety
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    Women are very social creatures and addicted to communication. They do not understand why you go underground or go fishing. Cause it is more natural for women to get together and communicate with friends.

    All what women do in their life ultimately has one goal: to feel closeness with other people. They really like in-depth conversations with friends, movies about closeness, feelings and love.

    Also the lady really wants to feel you, to know what’s in your heart. She calls you and asks several times a day: “How are you?”. This is not for your control. It’s just to hear that you think of her. At least sometimes during a day.

    She lives negative emotions when she is talking about them. Therefore, when she sees you in bad mood, she wants to talk you through (although you want to be alone at this time). When it is not easy for her, she would like you to talk with her too. It is not easy, especially for you. After all, she has everything together: feelings, thoughts, events. But if you remember that she just need to talk out and cry out in your shoulder, perhaps it will be easier for you.

    Your woman doesn’t want advice, recipes, summaries. She just wants you to listen to her, hug and say: “My sweet girl, for sure it’s very difficult for you now. But I’m with you. And I love you”

    Yes, she wants to hear all the time that you love her! For you it’s stupid and useless, but for her it’s necessary as air. Your Ukrainian lady wants to understand that today you both are as close as were yesterday. That you still love her. No matter what is happening around.
    (to be continued)