2nd of October — International Doctor’s Day

Every year on the first Monday of October in many countries celebrate the International Doctor’s Day, which is considered the day of solidarity and active action of doctors around the world. After all, the main goal of a doctor of any nationality is to improve and preserve the health of patients.

The initiators of this holiday were the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Medical Humanitarian Organization (Médecins sans frontières (MSF)). It is this independent, non-governmental organization Médecins Sans Frontières that fully realizes the tasks of today’s Day. Its employees do not distinguish between national or religious affiliation of people, but help all needy, they help the victims of natural disasters, various epidemics, social and armed conflicts.

And on International Doctor’s Day, first of all, they receive their well-deserved congratulations and words of gratitude. However, today, not all members of the medical community are forgotten, who, following the Hippocratic oath, provides medical care to all those in need. It is a holiday of people who have chosen the most humane profession in the world, whose value is difficult to overestimate, because medical workers daily save lives and treat all sorts of diseases and ailments.

Themselves, doctors and all health workers, their professional holiday – International Doctor’s Day – are celebrated with various festive and educational activities. On this day it is customary to hold various seminars, cognitive lectures about the medical profession, exhibitions and presentations.

Step2Love wants to congratulate all medical workers with such important holiday. We wish you happiness and success in work.

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