World Teacher’s Day on 5th of October

Profession of a teacher is not very popular in Slavic countries. First of all because of the low salary. Even after years of studying, young people do not hurry to work as a teacher. However, despite everything, Slavic countries are rich in real talented teachers who are not frightened by daily hard work, tension, insane responsibility.

For children the teacher is an example how to act in life, they adopt her features. A teacher can make children fall in love with her subject or vice versa – discourage the desire to learn. In the future, this affects the choice of profession.

In order to sow what is wise, good and true is not enough to know the subject perfectly, a teacher has to be able to teach other person, to have personality that will bring up all good sides of kids and help them to understand themselves in this world.

What to present on Teacher’s Day?

One of the main components of the gift are flowers. If you know the favorite flowers of your adorable woman who is a teacher, then the big bouquet of flowers will make her heart to sing in appreciation to you!

Also the traditional gift is chocolate. It could be an unusual kind of chocolate or the box of chocolate candies, or sweets in shape of hearts… It’s up to you how to surprise her and make her smile.

Be sure, your attention to her professional holiday will please your gorgeous lady and give her thought that you really take care about her.

What kind of words will please your lady on Teacher’s Day?

The team of Step2Love prepared congratulations which can be helpful for you on this holiday. Here are a few of them:

Let your dreams come true, and all the children would do their homework and everyone would raise their hands in hope to answer your question every day, let it be painfully difficult for you to choose whom to answer near the board, when everyone, absolutely everyone, wants to answer!

Let the children’s noise during the breaks sounds to you like the most beautiful melody, and every morning you would hurry to school to hear these fascinating notes!

Let your heart be ever young, give and receive goodness as a gift! Happiness, goodness, peace, spiritual breadth and beauty, a smile, a good mood, obedient and intelligent pupils, new discoveries for many years to come!

What is your personal privilege in relations with feminine teacher?

As you remember, it’s really hard to stop teaching for real teacher! Even at home! So you are this lucky guy who can learn something new everyday. The everyday knowledge is not necessary will be related to science… Your feminine personal teacher will find out what kind of knowledge will be the most interesting and useful in your relations and will generously share with you!

Don’t miss this chance!