Top-4 Incredibly Simple Ways to be a Perfect Husband

The recipe for real strong relationships is surprisingly simple – that’s what the married women we interviewed say. It’s all about small things.
Step2Love will gladly share this secret with You!

1. Notice when she has stress
According to a number of sociological studies, the willingness of a man to do household chores is the main indicator of happiness in marriage. Women confirm this: one of them even said that she was literally crying one evening when her husband got into the kitchen and washed the dishes. Why did he manage to get so many points for such a simple action? He drew attention to the state of his wife: she was tired and went to lie down, that served as a signal for him to take part of the housework for himself.

Because a woman doesn’t always ask for help when required, Jane Greer, author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, advises you to pay attention to the obvious signals. Does she respond to you briefly and sharply? She sighs heavily, unloading the dishes from the dishwasher? Unusually quiet and detached? It’s time for you to act. Your help should not be limited to housework. The young ladies gave us a bunch of tips: make a bath with foam, bring her tasty dessert or just ask how the day went, and let her talk.

2. Make the pleasant usual
One of the ladies told that during all eight years of her marriage, every time she took a shower, her husband threw all his affairs to rub her back. Such rituals, no matter how stupid they may seem, lay a solid foundation for family relations.

Your wife may not need a back massage during the shower, but she needs her cup of coffee every morning. Or a glass of favorite wine in the evening. Even simple hugs before going to work can become a usual ritual.

3. Make her life easier
Solving problems can be surprisingly romantic. Many of the women with affection recalled the cases when their beloved ones did something simple, which made life easier for them. Especially vivid memories remain when help is unexpected. One of the men, for example, noticed the irritation of the spouse from the long computer load, bought and installed additional memory cards. And do not forget that reducing stress has a positive effect on sexual attraction.

We bet that your wife is also annoyed with something, and only you can notice it. Maybe her cell phone is dying, or it’s not her way to pick up things from the dry cleaners, or she’s pissed off by the tightly opening door. Think about how you could help her. Remove the irritating her factor – and you will be a hero.

4. Do surprises that she likes
A small surprise will brighten up any day and remind her of your feelings. However, a bouquet of flowers with a postcard “Just because” is somehow banal. Jane Greer advises to do something that will make your partner feel special. One of the women we interviewed said that her husband had hidden lottery tickets in the apartment for many years and asked her to find them.

If your beloved woman is not a fan of lotteries, you can leave her love notes in unexpected places. Or pay attention when she talks about something she would like to try, like a master class on sushi cooking. Remember it and give it to her when she has already forgotten.

Step2Love hopes that these tips will be helpful in your married life.

Be Happy!