World Egg Day! Ask Your Slavic Lady about Her Special Egg Dish!

World Egg Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Friday of October. This holiday is known all over the world and gives an opportunity to tell everyone about the benefits of eggs.
Our team enjoys by celebrating every holiday, especially when the holiday is so useful for our clients and influences their health in a good way. We created a special list of reasons why you can’t miss this holiday!

1. Egg is one of the most versatile foods used in cooking. We make air meringues and elegant biscuits with the help of egg whites, while egg yolks enrich sauces and mayonnaise.

2. It is hardly possible to find the same nutritious product: the egg provides 12% of the daily intake of protein, not to mention vitamins A, B6, B12, iron, phosphorus and zinc. And at the same time it’s only 75 calories!

3. Egg is the most dietary product. And scientists confirm that the inclusion eggs in the diet contributes to rapid saturation, which lasts for a longer time than if you received the same calories, for example, from sandwiches.

4. The quality of the egg protein is so high that scientists often use eggs as the standard by which the quality of the protein of other foods is measured. Also, the egg contains all the important amino acids, and in the proportions that are correct for the body’s needs.

5. Egg yolk is an excellent source of choline, a nutrient that is essential for health. Researches confirm that choline is necessary for the normal formation of the brain, tissues and memory, and also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

6. Eggs have always been a cost-effective product. Researches confirm that this is the best protein that can be bought for such little money.

7. Egg can be eaten at any time: it’s nice to start the morning with scrambled eggs, if you wish to have a bite before lunch it’s better to cook a hard-boiled egg, omelets will help you eat quickly and nutritionally, and you can hardly do without an egg as one of the ingredients of the dish for dinner.

8. Despite the fact that the egg itself is a unique product, it can be made even more useful by enriching with natural nutritional supplements: iodine, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids.

9. Egg is an attractive product for children. There is nothing easier and more pleasant than teaching children to cook, for example, eggs. The process of cooking is fun and easy, and the benefits of eating a dish are beyond doubt.

Every woman is dreaming about the breakfast in bed from her beloved man. You can prepare surprise for her by gathering recipes for breakfast. Something easy and fast for cooking that won’t take a lot of time. Cause it’s a real crime to leave your lady alone in the morning for more than 10 minutes!

In this case, cooking eggs is the most convenient way to surprise and pleasure your beloved one. Find a few recipes that you can master. Also, you can ask for her favorite preference about eggs. Maybe your gorgeous Slavic woman has her own recipe and you have a great chance to treat her in a best way!