Who is in charge? LADY BOSS on Step2Love.com

Quite recently it was believed that a woman can not be a leader or a boss. Like, this is not a woman’s business, and the woman does not have enough of the necessary qualities to become one level with the male in the management of business.

A woman who leads a team has several qualities. One of them is an increased responsibility. By virtue of its nature, the gorgeous females seeks to take control of absolutely all issues while they are at the helm. Advantages of this situation are that lady boss puts all herself into this work that she was instructed to do. Also she is doing much by herself in order to help the subordinates.

The main disadvantage of a lady boss is her soulfulness. Unlike men, ladies pass everything through themselves, react painfully to some unpleasant moments. She can easily break the boundaries between herself and her subordinates, and it can be difficult for her to control her own emotions.

Since some women are affected by regular hormonal changes, their mood can often change. This impacts the work too. Sometimes subordinates notice that their lady boss radically changes her own opinion or even gives contradictory tasks. However, sometimes the her soulfulness plays into the hands of subordinates. It is easier to appeal to her sympathy.

Many women do not want the stress that is provided by leadership positions. But even when they decide to sacrifice tranquility for the sake of ambition, the stress that awaits them at the destination point will be higher than for men. Like men, women do not like in this process what is called politics – ties, compromises, intrigues. The higher the vacancy level, the greater the policy and the less transparency in selection.

Sometimes a woman is plunging into the work for the simple reason that there was a love failure in her life. When a man breaks relations with her, either she is falling apart or is looking for a worthy replacement in her life. Thus, she directs all her forces to achieve career heights and, as a rule, achieves a lot.

If a woman made herself, in this case it is necessary to work so much that there is not enough time for personal life simply. Sometimes the work takes so much time that there is absolutely no time for the family. It turns out that children grow on their own, because parents “make a career.” However, lady boss must be reminded to do not forget about her husband and children. If her work takes her whole life, then it is worth considering whether it is worth it, whether it is worth the entire life…

A lady boss very often gets so involved in her role that this role of the boss begins to be realized at home. But men love gentle, kind and affectionate women. Excessive aggression and leadership can negatively reflect on personal relationships.

Everything is under your control in life. The happiness of a lady boss directly depends on herself and her beloved man. If she wants to be happy, then she will be so. The only person who can help her to archive tender happiness in family… Is her man!

Achieving family happiness is alike achieving career heights, all life goals will be achieved by those who really want it!!!