Coming to the Place Where Dreams Come True!

You booked your flight tickets to Ukraine? You chose and booked your hotel already? Bought some presents for your distant beloved one? You are on your way to the place, where dreams come true. Let’s just observe few previous months.

You met each other online, corresponded and chatted for a long time. Why did you pay attention to that woman? Probably she looked like your dream woman. Or your views on many things are so similar, that it seems to be a trick. You were together all those months, but the distance separated you anyway. That is why you said her you would come and she agreed. Next step – you set up the personal meeting.

There some important things, you would remember:

– The personal meeting is very different from your online communication. In chat your girlfriend could be 100% sincere and open-minded. In real life she could be shy and behave different. It is normal, yes? Online dating is a way, which allows you to be yourself without hesitation and prejudgments. But the trick is that you are so many miles away from Her. And in the worst case (if she doesn’t like some of your ideas) you can simply close the chat window. It makes you feel safe.
She feels the same. And it could be a problem. Only two of you can solve that issue. Together.

– Another issue is a difference in culture and traditions of your countries. Something, that seems normal to you, could offend her. Something normal for her could make you feel awkward. To avoid such situation you both need to work on it. First of all, you could discuss this topic in chat. Also you could google it! But the best way is to make an agreement: to be careful and very sincere. If one of you does something wrong, another one would patiently fix this mistake and give detailed explanations why you should not do this again.

– It is not worth hoping your girlfriend would immediately introduce you to her family and best friends. She doesn’t really know if things would work between you two. So, she would not announce your relations to public. And it is normal for that moment.

– Please, make sure you have flowers for the first real meeting. It is a shame that some men ignore this point. You were looking for a Princess. Beautiful and Elegant. So, treat her like a Princess.