Difference of Views: How Men’s Vision Differs from Women’s

No matter how you descry, there are more differences between the sexes than similarities. Today, Step2Love will help you to widen this gap by talking about how the mechanisms of visual perception in you and her are differently arranged.

1. Look differently
Once in the laboratory of Bristol University (Great Britain) 52 people gathered – 26 men and 26 women aged 19 to 47 years – to watch the pictures under supervision of scientists (frames from films and fragments of paintings, totally 80 pieces). One image was replaced by another, while the eye-tracker tracked where the view of the next viewer was directed. It turned out that men and women look at everything differently, and most characteristic of all these differences are manifested when the image of a person is before our eyes. So, the girls run around with their eyes and manage to see the neck, chest, stomach and several other details; Avoid looking into the eyes. The attention of men first of all is riveted to the eyes and to the hair, their eyes are directed above the female. One possible explanation for this state of affairs: in European culture, the eye-to-eye view is often seen as a sign of rivalry and threat, so women avoid conflict, and men, on the contrary, immediately declare their brutal presence in this world.

2. See in different ways
You say that the trousers are green, she says they are brown. Who is right? Nobody, and the truth in this dispute can not be achieved: you see colors differently. This has been repeatedly confirmed in the course of scientific experiments: looking at the same object in the same light, people of different sex describe its color in different ways. According to researchers from Brooklyn College (USA), the reason is in following: to see a certain shade, the eye (and brain) of a man should catch a light wave a little longer than required by the woman’s eye (and brain) to “catch” the same color , – hence the initial difference in the calibration of vision. In addition, a man is more difficult to distinguish shades in the blue, green and yellow areas of the spectrum. But men’s visual apparatus is better suited to distinguish details of remote objects and fast moving objects, men have more developed so-called contrast vision. It is understandable: if you are not in the soul, then in the brain – a hunter, you need to see a predator in the bushes.

3. Communicate in different ways
If on quickly changing images of people a man first of all “clings” the eyes, then during a dialogue he looks primarily at the mouth of the interlocutor. The ladies follow their usual tactics: they dissipate sight and look in the face of the one with whom they communicate, then on different parts of his body (trying to extract additional information from gestures and movements – they understand the body language better). This distinction was documented by researchers from the University of Southern California, USA, during an experiment during which male and female volunteers were shown a recording of an interview shot on the street. In addition, during simulated communication, it was noticed that men and women distract from “talking” different things. If the girls pay attention primarily to the pedestrians appearing in the frame, the man is rather distracted by the flickering of any details behind the person being interviewed.

Step2Love hopes that you enjoy this article. You can always discuss this interesting facts with our Beautiful Sexy Ladies. Maybe you can find out new facts about difference between Men and Women;))

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