Understand Her, if You Can: How to Read Between the Lines When Communicating with a Girl

You know: among the girls there are many who say one thing, but think quite different. How not to get confused with her words? Step2Love will help you to understand women much better.

1. She says she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday


Most young ladies’ birthday causes the same emotions that you have – the finals of the World Cup. Therefore, keep in mind an important number and be vigilant when it comes to round dates like 25, 30 years, etc. Approaching these boundaries, many women go deep into introspection and critically evaluate their personal lives. If everything goes wrong, as she imagined, she will certainly take advantage of the chance to catch up on the side. There are two nights when she should not go to bed alone: on her birthday and on the New Year’s Eve. In short, your best gift is a gift itself, plus everything you can do.

2. She was promoted at work, but she says that this is not so important


Your girlfriend – just like you – has goals and ambitions. And when she gets to another milestone on the career path, she thinks: and then what? This is the moment of frustration – when the goal is reached, and the distance is hazy – and it needs to brighten up. This is the case when it is possible and necessary to make a molehill of an elephant, arrange a festive dinner, and be proud and praise. Your task is to show that you appreciate it no less than employers. And when her affairs continue to go uphill, be especially attentive.

3. She says she likes your belly very much


It’s easy to see what she really thinks. Take the simple technique that the information system specialist David Xu from Wichita State University (USA) came up with. By accident, clarify her opinion about your bulges and look into her eyes when she answers. If she almost does not blink, and as soon as she’s done it starts not quite natural and often claps her eyelashes, that means she probably lies. You can use this “lie detector” and in more delicate situations, but before you pronounce the sentence, think: suddenly she just got a speck in her eye? And get rid of the belly in any case, it’s not even discussed.

Step2Love hopes that this little facts will help you to understand your beloved one much better. We wish you good luck and be happy together!