How Woman Differs from Man: Sympathy, Humor, Aggression

Women don’t behave like men – and it’s not just about primary sexual characteristics. The women inside have a lot of different arrangements, and their strange actions are not always due to the desire to annoy a man: just nature originally laid in them a different operating system. Today Step2Love will help you understand ladies much better.

1. Aggression
It is known that women are more emotional, and all their feelings – positive and negative – are written more clearly on the face. But the most interesting and revealing differences in the manifestation of aggression. A man in anger with pleasure tells about his physical superiority over the enemy (the long experience of hunting and participation in skirmishes and wars). The enraged woman, on the contrary, never compares herself to the object of anger, she rather simply tells him about his shortcomings and her feelings. But: women with congenital hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex, which is accompanied by excessive production of testosterone (male hormone!), are angry almost like a man and often get a little handsy.

2. Empathy
If in a decent company you are asked what the radical difference in sexes is, bravely answer: women are able to sympathize. Recognize non-verbal emotional signals, share with the person his experience, participate – in these cases, men are not equal to them. There is a theory that the female brain is initially programmed for sympathy, the male – for the systematization of the facts (this is expressed in the serious difference of neural connections in the female and male brains). Again: boys with a lack of testosterone are worse at coping with logical tasks; girls with congenital hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex solve such problems better.

3. Laughing with laughter
Emotional differences manifest just everywhere. For example, women are more prone to disgust in sex, and men are more likely to take risks, about what would be discussed. Even in the sense of humor, we don’t have much in common. Women are usually louder and more louder than others (they sympathize), men are better at making laughs (coming up with logical and illogical jokes). That’s why when you go back home by taxi on a dark night, and a stupid driver turns on a humor radio station where the comedian tries to laugh funnyly, you’re not so funny as she would like. You are horrified that the headphones were left at work and you can not listen to your favorite music.

Step2Love hopes that this interesting facts will be really useful for you in understanding your beloved one.

We wish you mutual understanding and be happy!