What Is Important to Write in Your Profile to Attract Lady’s Attention

I want tell you one little secret. Maybe it will sound little brutal, but it is true)) If every woman had a chance to change her “big mouth” to big breasts, she would do it without any doubts)) because that is something that make her feel confidence) because man loves with eyes, right?))

You surely know that man’s appearance isn’t so important. In any time a woman is a domestic goddess that is why she needs a strong man that will protect her share with her everything he has. Now days we can describe such man with three words : kind, strong and generous. In any case, every man has such aspects of personality, you just need to emphasize it. Here is some advice how to do it in your profile)
1. It is better to add some pictures where you are smiling, and where lady can see your eyes.
2. Try to show something what you are good at – maybe you are fishing or you can fix the lock or faucet, or maybe you are good at cooking)
3. Write more about a lady that you want to find. It is very important to show details. Because in general every woman can be described as “kind, smart and pretty” ))) add more certain details – is there something you would never accept (woman with tattoos, divorced women, women with children so on)
4. It is also important to use right nickname. You can create it with humor (even use some superheros name). It is very easy to amaze woman from the first glance.
5. If you add pictures with someone, better to write who on the photo is. Unless it is a picture with Bill Clinton or Oprah Winfrey))))))

While you are both on the site, women estimate you visually. Despite the common saying that woman likes “with ears”. Because looking at pics woman try to imagine if you hold the door in front of her or if she have good looking next to you in a wedding dress)))