Family life: how to live happily the First year of your Marriage

Putting the ring on the finger of your girl in a white dress, you can think: well, project is successfully completed. But no, it’s just beginning. How to build a family in the first year so that by the fourth it does not fall apart? Hold the Step2Love instruction.

1st month: distribution of mode of life
The debate over who takes out the trash and goes to the store is one of the two main reasons for cooling relations in the first year of marriage (the second is money, see next). Let’s look at the problem with optimism: before you had to do everything around the house by yourself (of course, if you, the overgrown dunce, did not live with your mother), but now you can divide everything.

2nd month: combine debts
It would be nice for you to get into the habit of discussing the budget at least once a month – the upcoming purchases, the current level of household expenses, and so on. But the main thing, with what you need to start, – exchange information, what debts each of you dialed before marriage. Now it’s your common obligations. In the end, the wife can soon go to the decree and then her incomes will drop to zero and family income will depend only on you.

3rd month: get used to her family
Yes, you know better than your father-in-law how to spank his daughter. Nevertheless, be nice with her relatives: The University of Michigan is ready to prove that men who have established normal relations with the parents of the spouse at the initial stage of marriage are less likely to be divorced 15 years later. Usually women mix life before marriage and after: her parents will somehow manifest in your marriage. Turn it to your advantage.

4th month: quarreling
Rule number 1: don’tt expect that in your family everything will be your way. Rule number 2: to suffer and silently accumulate grievances – to undermine the foundation of your family, you can not stand it anyway. Express discontent (if it is), be ready for a conflict. Couples avoiding conflicts disintegrate by 40% more often than those who are willing to survive the clash.

6th month: warm up the relationship
You’re not little boy, and you know that the fire of passion itself will not burn forever: it’s necessary to throw in droves. In our blog you can find thousands of tips on how to do it. Reread them all!

1st year: plan children
Men are more likely than women to delay the birth of children until they are sure that they are able to support a family. But it will not endure forever.

Step2Love hopes that this tips will help you to build strong and happy family:)

We wish you Good Luck!