How to express your Love at Distance?

Nowadays there are a lot of things that will you help to show your woman your strong feelings for her, even if she is far away at the moment.

Until you are far from each other, every little detail is very important. Not only woman can remember the day when you started talking, a day when you got acquainted with her parents, a day when you first sent a virtual kiss to each other, a day when you first sent a virtual kiss to each other!

And if you tell her: “Oh sorry, I didn’t have an internet connection, that’s why I didn’t answer” – believe me my dear friend, it never works)) It is very important for woman to feel that she can reach her man whenever she wants. Never give her a reason to jealous you and make her to guess something by her own. Let it be a trust between you both!

So the first and the easiest way to show your love to your lady is always keep in touch with her. If you don’t mind to have long distance relationships, that you should always have good internet connection. Try to message her always, ask to show you what dress she put on today, or just send a message with a picture with tasty pancakes that are waiting for her when she comes))

The second way to show your love is to do something together) You can watch Olympic Games or Super Bowl together, make shopping together or play video games.

And the third one – don’t miss the moment when she flips through her favorite magazine, and talks about her favorite perfume or flowers)) It is very easy now to make a nice surprise for your lady. The biggest surprise for a woman is when you hear her. Don’t invent a present by your own, it is enough to hear her. She can tell something and forget, but if you don’t forget, she will be really surprised. You will feel how thankful can be woman. You can pick even a dress that she liked and send it to her. And you will never regret about this when you’ll see how she tries it on for you))))

It’s not difficult to show your love to woman even if you are far from each other. If there is love in 21 century, that means that it is very easy to prove it. If you want surprise your beloved one, you just need to hear her and delivery will make the rest.