Your Lady Has a Child: Main Rules of Communication

A woman raising a child alone is now almost more common and commonplace situation than a fully staffed family. How to build a relationship with such woman?

Believe us, there is nothing extra-curious, if your new girlfriend will be a girl of the “+1” format. There are a lot of such girls. And the presence of a child, of course, does not make them unfit for a relationship. Our statistics are as follows: among women aged 20 to 30, almost a third is divorced and has offspring.

Step2Love wants to give you useful tips how to build relationship with ladies who have children.

1.Don’t think that she only want to marry you
If you think that the main goal of all women raising a child in two hands – to quickly find a new husband and part-time new dad, then you are overwhelmingly mistaken. Of course, in nature there are girls who feel themselves without a permanent man as if they were without a foot or arm. But they are not so many women thinking this way, and the marriage point becomes obvious after the first date. Most divorced girls earned themselves a persistent allergy to registry offices, rings, dolls on the hood and other matrimonial fun. Others are just cautious (and rightly so), preferring not to hurry. Get rid of fears and prejudices and just enjoy the communication!

2. Formulate your plans for life and for her
If you do not intend to engage in anything long-playing and binding, but just looking for entertainment – so tell her about this. And do not pretend to be a thoroughbred prince on a white horse, just to have fun a couple of times.

3. Respect her time
Every day of a woman with a child is scheduled every minute. And, believe us, she needs to work hard to find the time for a date, and before the meeting have time to visit the beautician. Respect her efforts and time. Agreed to see each other on Wednesday at 6 pm – do all your best, but come on time. If ordinary women value spontaneity and impetuosity in the gentlemen, then the woman with the children – an elementary punctuality and complaisance.

4.Do not get into her relationship with the child’s father

According to the old female tradition, it is common to experience to ex-husbands a whole complex of extremely contradictory emotions. This is bitterness (a rare parting does without it), and sentimental “we are not strangers”, and resentment for the child. Add to this alimony, a common living space and a lot of other tense communal and economic aspects – and you will get a damned confusing story, in which it is safer not to meddle.

We hope that this tips will help you to understand your lady better and will help you to build strong relationships.

Be Happy!