3 New Facts About Women: Cars, Animals and Healthy Food

Science doesn’t stand still and continues to open our eyes to the world of women. It turns out that they still do not are good in cars, they are drawn to animals and they do not grow thin alone.

Knowledge of the month

Do not come to the first date on the BMW 6 Series Convertible – it is possible that woman will find it flawed. Another study on the eternal theme – are women fascinated by men on expensive cars? – showed that, to put it mildly, not always. 56% of the ladies who participated in the study (aged 18+) claim that the man on the sports / exotic car seems not only too arrogant and overconfident, but also notorious. Moreover, back in 2009, the Australian version of the Top Gear show carried out an experiment and proved that the female brain reacts quite exactly to the same man, regardless of the car on which he appears – on a old Volvo or on a new Rolls Royce.

Women often prefer to spend time and talk with animals, rather than with men. A poll of two thousand owners of dogs and cats gave as obvious results (most talk with animals to relax, 34% of young women do it to gather their thoughts, and 19% generally consult them), and disappointing: 39% of women who are in a relationship and at the same time contain some domestic creature, claim to spend more time and talk more with the animal than with a male person. Some kind of unhealthy story turns out. And if you are jealous of your girlfriend to the dog, we, apparently, can understand you.

If your girl has decided to lose weight (finally!), her success in this matter is in your hands. Based on the research conducted, nutrition experts state that 55% of girls who seriously follow their diet in order to lose weight, in the first place, expect help from their men (and only then from friends – 16%, children – 12% and from colleagues – 7%). Therefore, the best thing you can do is also switch to the most healthy food and tolerate it when she will covered with abstinence syndrome. Here as with fitness. At the University of Indiana (USA) for a year observed those who first went to the gym. So, of those who signed up for training with their partner, only 6% of couples were left to do it. Among athletes alone, refuseniks gained 43%. In short, she expects from you sympathy and cooperation, do not let her down.

Step2Love hopes that this facts will help you understand your lady much better.

Be Happy;)