Wonderful Bride Julia

My name is Julia … I think that You and I must meet as soon as possible) I’m just sure that you will not find your second such as I am…) Does it sound a bit provocative? Welcome to the world of beautiful hot russian ladies))LOL)

In fact, of course ​I am kidding and lovely russian ladies are​n’t​ kind of show offs , but they are worthy partners ​to live together … caring, educated and family-oriented) This is built into our genes))
I’m often called a firework girl. When I enter the room, all the people in it pay attention to me I’m a miniature girl who likes to follow fashion and bright style in clothes) Sometimes it takes hours of preparation)) lol Maybe the reason is that I’m suitable for children’s sizes only?) Would you date a lady who is tiny and tender, like a flower? In addition to these qualities of mine, I’m also strong and bold, I like to do powerlifting, love photography and adore extreme driving) I plan to discover new areas of beauty industry which is my job)) I like to create beauty around me.
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