Hello, my name is Alexandra! My friends call me Alexa…

On this brides dating site I’m looking for my love. Among all the men I hope to find a sincere and loving one …. who is ready to share my life with me and is ready to meet eastern European girlfriend. Being happy is so easy, is not it?

I love to ride a bike. I’m moving much faster than walking, but I can see much more than go by a bus or driving car. This is especially attractive because I can always turn to some small street that seemed interesting to me, and quickly return to the main road.

Just riding a bike, no doubt has a positive effect on health, becoming part of everyday life, my bike helps me keep fit))))

Even a simple trip to work makes me more energetic in the morning, and cheers up.

I live in Lviv. It is really a beautiful city! It’s so much romantic places here. It’s so nice even just walk holding hands …. kind of euro dating :))

Lviv is famous not only with its beauty and rich history, but also with its sweets)))) We could go to the chocolate workshop and enjoy the exquisite beauty, smell and taste))) I love sweets! This is my weakness :)

In the morning I adore to drink latte with honey. I sit down on the window sill and slowly drink my latte. At such moments I would like to be not alone, you understand what I mean) Just a cozy breakfast with a loved one is one of the humble pleasures that I hope to feel soon.

Do you want to meet Ukrainian women??? …. I am here and waiting for you =)