Hi, my name is Anna.

My friends say about me that under the blond angel’s appearance hides a brave hunter))))

Haha! The truth is that I do not hide neither my femininity nor my power activity! I like being sweet and seductive, slim and graceful, bold and self-confident.

My hobbies are diverse, I like travel, sports, yoga, extreme sports, camping, fishing, swimming, motorcycles … live chat dating. I am often invited for a variety of photo shoots – for fur coats advertising , sports clubs, oriental dances etc.

Not long ago, I participated in a special photo shoot …. my hands were painted with henna in accordance with Indian traditions. Very beautiful, unusual and sensual tradition)

Have you ever tried swimming with dolphins? I had such an experience … or a pleasure)))) These are cute and friendly creatures who want to play and are even ready to ride you on their back)))

Another interesting thing I’ve tried … is Bungee jumping! It was a very big sip of adrenaline))) Feelings are simply inexpressible. Extreme – it’s just a word, and then the feeling of free flight is difficult to describe in words!!! You fly with a huge speed, which is closer to the ground – the higher!

At one point, such a mystical sensation – that the soul is flying a little slower than the body, the soul seems to be late … My friends told me later that I fell beautifully ….

Can you guess greatest desire at the moment of flight? More than anything in the world at that moment I wanted to live)

So, if you are looking for hot ladies to date. And I can say for sure you found one …. probably even the only one! )))
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