Hello honey!

If you want to understand who I am then imagine me as a Siamese cat. She is calm and tender, graceful but nimble. Her body is slender and flexible, her fur is smooth and shiny. This animal is very loving and faithful.

She loves her Master and indulges him but at the same time she is jealous a bit. She never tolerate competition and will not give so easily what belongs to her.
She is very thankful if to treat her properly and can be vindictive when she is hurt. What do you think? Are you ready to welcome such a Kitty in your home? Do you want beautiful Ukrainian ladies?
I think the most important thing in our life is to have a strong connection with a person you love – I mean spiritual, physical, mental… and to live in a harmony with yourself and with world. Then you are happy and there will be a harmony in everything – family, everyday life, work etc. Do you want marrying a Ukrainian woman?
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I’m waiting for you