To Pay or not to Pay: Why You Should Choose a Paid Dating App

Internet changed our lives eventually. Many important and useful things happened there in our life daily. We order pizza, home cleaning or flowers for beloved. We play online games, buy tickets for trips and use sport apps for catching our goals. Among all the services which made our life better and more comfortable are also online dating sites. Plenty of them, to be honest! So it’s always a huge deal when it comes to choosing ONE.
Also, online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soul mate. The number of people around the world who believe that online dating is now socially acceptable increases day by day. During 2018 survey 84 percent of dating app users stated that they were using online dating services to look for a romantic relationships.

Love search online could become a fantastic journey for you. But it always starts from choosing that source among thousands of dating sites and apps which will lead you to the success of the love adventure. And here is the most important to chose where to make your first steps.
Premier dating site is the one of those which you might consider when you are ready to start your search for a partner, soul mate or just friends online. We believe that providing a secure environment for such intimate thing as LOVE is highly important. This is why we made most of our services prepaid and keep a huge team of people who stay behind every of the processes at our app.
However we still prefer our registration to stay free of charge for every man or woman no matter where he /she live. You may also have a chance to surf for the photo galleries, see profiles and receive some amount of letter for free every month. This is the best way for you to try our service and to get some trust level for it. And than only decide whether you prefer it or not for a regular use. is a product of 24/7 work of many experts and we are proud to give you service which has it all:

* Tones of beautiful profiles of single women from Ukraine and Russia. Every profile you can look up for free and read description about your future partner
* Checked background and verified profiles only (means we do not register ladies who are married or gave us fake information)
* Video chat with high quality, compliments’ service, e-mailing and voting for our ladies at contests (such as Miss Valentine 2019 from Feb 10 to Feb 28, check it NOW to give your vote for the most beautiful and talented one!)
* Fast and elegant gift shop. We deliver gifts with class and on time! You will love seeing our prices and assortment at! Your girlfriend would be the happiest one seeing how much you care!
* Blog for men with lots of tips and advices about online dating with Slavic women. “Dos and don’ts” which you will love and use in your dating process for sure!!!
* Arranging the real dates. Our travel managers provide interpreters, transfers, help with accommodation and culture program in a city of your love destination.
* Many ways for avoiding scam. Yes, it’s our main reason to feel PROUD!

All of these and even more of benefits you usually can get only of paid dating service. Why? Because free app will not have enough resources, time and employees to do all the “invisible” work which stays behind the romantic process. So when you use free dating app, you also get: lots of scam, hundreds of fake & strange profiles, people who lie about their ages, nationality, marital status or geographical facts etc etc.
When you pay for service you show your standards! Simply, you tell us that you are serious about your search and you want it to be invest, not a waste! To our team it means that any time when you need our help – you will get it. No matter: it’s a question about using credits for chat, emotional support when you need it or helping you with ordering best teddy bear for your bride. To us every question and every client matter. And we hire, educate & pay salary to people who are responsible for helping YOU, our costumer! Big team is always about big expenses. But also, it’s HUGE TRUST LEVEL from you to us! Means that you are in safe hands when you use our dating site.
You have to know all this because THIS is what stands behind the choosing paid site for romantic search. It’s business. But more than that, it’s CARE which is well provided because we got enough recourses for that. With your help!

It’s a huge privilege & responsibility for us to be your favorite dating app.
Choosing us, you choose investing into the quality. And it’s always wise! is aiming LOVE and glad that in this marvelous journey we find each other!