DO THIS if Online Dating Doesn’t Work for You

Dating is not an exact science. Shocked?

Let’s see why some people end their online dating stories with “they lived happily ever after” and some can’t even set a real date using dating app. World is unfair and only few people get it all? Well, this is greatest illusion ever and premier dating site will provide some hits for you if you are of those who are tired of online dating. One condition only: do at least THREE things from this list! And watch what happened!

• Instead of mention your “not” looking for, try to explain shortly what you are looking for here. Universe is smart. It will work if you keep I positive way. Stay clear of what you want

Chose be unique and put an effort into writing something special about yourself In your profile. This could be funny story from the times when you were boy-scout or about how you firstly cooked pasta when you were a kid. Maybe you have interesting hobby or job? Everything what can catch an eye of your future partner at online dating site – will work well! Use it!

• Your photos should show your life style, interests, and passions. Not posing or just graduation 20 years old pic which is not much connecting with now-you. Instead of using blurry strange 10 years old photos, chose pare of those where you are smiling, happy, shine and your eyes are clearly seen. First eye contact will go though pics! Make it work!

• Be ready to be patient. An old wisdom but always works. Good things never come too easy. This is the main trick for them. If you are ready to find a bride from Slavic countries it will take time. Give it time!

• Instead of pretending a spy from Bond’s movies – be a normal guy. We noticed that some guys create few profiles on dating apps to check their potential future girlfriends and brides. That’s ok actually. They write texts and chat from different accounts and try to check information. Yes, online search could be full of doubts (just like real life dating) but if you will check her too much – boomerang could come back. Put a little bit more trust in all this process. You will be surprised that people you will start to meet – honest, loyal and open. Give them a chance!

Ask questions. Answer questions. Sounds easy? Well, thousands of single men and women who use live chat and correspondence services on know so little about building a real dialogue. Be ready to learn this. Good talk is always two ways talk. It will be perfect to show your interest with asking simple things about her day, work things or families. Even exchanging recipes of favorite meals will work better than just “yes-no” talks. Our dating platform has a blog where you can read more about hits of online talks and creating an atmosphere for growing the fire between you two. Put an effort into showing your interest!

Use chat and mail services regularly. Means check your account at least few times per week (better, everyday) if you want to level up your chances for success here. Tones of new profiles come to everyday. If you wish to be on favorite list of many wonderful single beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia, show that you are not just another pen-pal buddy here. Serious intentions are clearly seen when you spend some amount of your precious time on what is important for you – your love search! Invest your time in it!

Send winks, smiles, compliments, photos. If you afraid to start a talk right now, there is a great chance to give her a hint that you are ready. Just little act which will help you. It’s fast, easy and you can start sending your liking as soon as you pass the free registration at our premier dating site. Compliment her in a unique way!

Don’t make online dating replace your real life. Well, this is the hardest thing. Virtual world is very tempting! It gives us lots of privileges and creates a life which we could only dream about. But it’s very important to keep also a real life. Meet friends, go to cafes and enjoy hobbies, dance, sing karaoke, play bowling, visit family dinners and travel. Having your real life and some personal space makes you more interesting for your future partner! Keep the space for your own! Than someone special will join you more naturally soon!

Well, there is no clear method and scientific explanation. Love is not about algorithms. Also, online dating is just one more option for creating healthy romantic relations one day! Yes, it could become an awesome experience of love search and creating a family! But even if no, you should do your best and enjoy the ride!

Destination “LOVE” is just about time to be reached! Reach it faster with!