Summer season is perfect for arranging a lake-date! Look how amazing they are!

Yacht Club

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We share with you top 3 lakes which will make her heart beats faster and which will make your date stay unforgettable experience for both of you! Trust us!

Bile Ozero (While Lake)
Volodymyretskyy District, Rivne Area

Bile Ozero is known as a healing and unique water – the hub of the hydrological complex, which combines marsh and forest areas. Its hydro-magnesium water with high content of glycerol. Water is with healing effect. The water in the lake is very soft to the touch. It’s unnecessary to dry after bathing, take advantage of enjoying of that feeling. Absolutely spectacular views around – won’t leave any traveler indifferent. Probably it will be the biggest spa you will ever take your girlfriend to!!!


Synevir Lake
(Synevirska Polyana countryside, Zakarpattya Area)

One of those places which is makes you wish to say only one word: WOW! The view is so amazing that you can’t believe your own eyes!
Synevir is the largest and one of the most marvelous mountain lakes in the Carpathian Mountains. It is also called “Pearl of the Carpathians”. The lake has a mirror-like water surface among green forests, with a small island in the middle.
The lake attracts lots of tourists with its crystal waters and unique landscapes. There is beautiful legend connected to the naming «Synevir» but to find out the story – you must travel to Ukraine, see that lake and ask those who live nearby. They love to share this romantic story about love, of course! If your girlfriend is from Lviv or any other part of western Ukraine, trip to this lake will become a golden point of your dating! Don’t forget to take a food basket with you! The view and the hiking around will make you both hungry!

Shelekhiv Lake
Sumy Area

Ukrainians believe that beauty and magic of Shelekhiv Lake is from the ice age period. Well, scientists confirm that! The water in the Lake is always cold. So, probably you two will not like to swim in it, but to sit on the shore and enjoy the view, or maybe take a boat and have a quite talk far from the crowd – will be excellent! The lake is the same ages with Baikal Lake and Ladoga Lake.
Posh words “Instagram place” are very suitable to the picturing this lake! You will love to take photos there because it’s hard to find same beauty in any other parts of Ukraine! This is a very picturesque place. The location is not that easy to be found, but this is one more reason to become a superman for your fiancé and make a surprising one-day trip for her! As a bonus, you will get very calm and silent area surrounded by pine, maple and alder forests. Make a wish when you visit this place as it’s a unique place and Ukrainians believe that dreams come true when you are here!


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